Here's How You Can Still Get A Whopperito From Burger King

Burger King introduced the Whopperito in August 2016, after a franchisee invented the hamburger-burrito hybrid and generated some buzz on social media (via QSR). Less than three months later, according to a Facebook post, BK had discontinued the item. Despite that early buzz prior to the nationwide launch, the Whopperito was not well received. Food reviewers were baffled and unimpressed. MassLive said either a normal hamburger or a normal burrito would be better than the Whopperito. YouTube food reviewer Angie Greenup couldn't quite get what Burger King was going for and gave the Whopperito C+ grade. "The flavors are good. I just don't understand what the point is," Greenup said.

So the Whopperito was not a success, and we may never see Burger King try to invade Taco Bell or Chipotle's territory like that again. But that doesn't mean the Whopperito has no fans. More than 500 people joined the "Bring Back the Whopperito Burger King" Facebook page — although the people on that page gave up on their cause sometime in 2017.

Diehard Whopperito fans have realized they don't have to lobby BK's corporate offices to get their cherished menu item back. They just need to ask for it when they pull up to the drive-thru.

If you want a Whopperito, ask Burger King to sub a tortilla for the bun

A Reddit user posting to the Burger King subreddit learned that they can in fact order the Whopperito, even though BK discontinued it years ago. Basically, you just need to ask for a Whopper with a tortilla shell instead of a bun. Burger King has tortillas available for its breakfast burrito, so it can be done. Nothing on the current Burger King menu appears to come with the creamy queso sauce, however, so you probably can't get a key ingredient that gave the Whopperito its Tex-Mex flavor. If your Burger King sells the crispy tacos, maybe you can ask for taco sauce instead of mayonnaise. Or you could ask them to stuff some jalapeño cheddar bites in there — just be kind and patient if you do make these requests.

A Facebook user who follows the "bring back the Whopperito" page commented that he got a BK employee to make him a Whopperito by slipping them a $5 bill. (The Whopperito sold for $2.99 when it was available.) But that sort of low-level bribery shouldn't be necessary — even if you ask them to add the jalapeño cheddar bites. After all, this is Burger King, the fast-food chain that lets you "have it your way."