This Is How You Should Be Baking Papa Murphy's Pizza

For those who have bought or intend to buy a pizza from Papa Murphy's but are unsure about how to properly bake it, Papa Murphy's includes an instructions page on their website.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. If you bought a stuffed pizza, you should go for 350 degrees instead. When the oven is appropriately heated, remove the plastic wrapping and throw the pie in for 12 to 18 minutes or until golden brown. Again, the stuffed pizza differs, requiring 32 to 40 minutes to cook. They also specify that if you have purchased a thin crust, you should use either the central or lower rack for the pizza. Once cooked, enjoy.

The sheet also offers instructions for how to cook the pizza on a grill, if that is your desire. However, they say that if you do, ensure you have removed the pan upon which the pizza comes as it is flammable.

A final note is that you should cook the pizza within 24 hours of purchasing it. If you refrigerate it, the pizza will need 60 minutes out of the fridge before baking for the crust to rise. Though, if you have ordered a pizza to bake from Papa Murphy's, the chances are that you will be fine on this count.

The take 'n' bake method

For those unfamiliar with Papa Murphy's, the previous section may seem strange. After all, in most cases, if one orders a pizza, the pizzeria bakes it, not the consumer. Papa Murphy's, however, operates with what they call a "Take N' Bake Pizza." They argue on their homepage, that by making the pizza at a Papa Murphy's outlet, the consumer can receive a pizza made with fresh ingredients and heat it on their schedule, as opposed to the more disappointing scenarios when the melted cheese sticks to the box, or worse, cools by the time the party has gathered around the pizza.

Such a process is not for everyone. Restaurant Business cites the inconvenience of having the heat your pizza in an industry that prizes convenience more than everything as a reason for Papa Murphy's contraction in the latter half of the 2010s. On the other hand, though, Nation's Restaurant News credits Papa Murphy's with the title of "True Loyalty" for having a consumer base that marked them highly for value and stated their preference to buy their pizza out of loyalty, not convenience.

If you find yourselves craving a fresh pizza that is cooked to your specifications, check out the instructions above as they are sure to liven your night.