Post Has Good News For Waffle Crisp Fans

One bite of our favorite breakfast cereal can send us down memory lane in an instant. For those of us who grew up in the '90s, nothing can open up the nostalgic floodgates like the taste of Post Waffle Crisp Cereal. According to Mr. Breakfast, the iconic cereal debuted in 1996 and immediately grew a massive following, thanks to having a distinct cinnamon-syrup taste combo like no other. Post pulled the cereal from shelves in 2018, causing a massive outcry from fans, but thanks to the continued dedication of cereal lovers nationwide, we can plan to see the return of this all-time favorite breakfast food.

According to a post from Post's official Instagram, the brand has revived the cereal with the same syrupy-waffle taste as the original. It comes in a resealable 34 ounce bag available at select Walmart locations. Post's post has been picking up steam, collecting over 1,800 likes with a ton of positive response in the comments, ranging from "This is the best waffle cereal hands down," to "Finally, thank you, thank you!!!"

The reintroduction of Waffle Crisp to the market comes on the heels of a few other major cereal revivals. According to Delish, Post has already brought out Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles Crisps, big bite Chocolate Honey-Comb, a Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles ice cream, and Fruity Pebbles cake mix. With this parade of childhood classics back on the market, 2021 seems poised as a year of nostalgic throwbacks.

Everyone's favorite blast from the past

With Waffle Crisp hitting shelves, excited fans have already begun tasting the new cereal and have some choice thoughts when it comes to how the breakfast classic has held up. According to Delish, some fans on Instagram found that while the original cinnamon-syrup flavor remains intact, the sugar coating appears to have vanished, while the original airy texture feels replaced with a denser chew. If that news didn't hit you hard, wait until you find out about the availability issues. If you crave this cereal, you can't find it just anywhere — you have to make sure your local Walmart has it in stock (via Delish). If you just can't wait to get your hands on this breakfast item again, it might be time for a road trip to stock up again.

With so much momentum behind the re-launch of Waffle Crisp cereal, it's not hard to get excited about this sweet comeback. Make sure to check your local stores soon to see if you can pick up a bag of childhood nostalgia. With so much attention, who knows how long this product will stay on the shelves before cereal fans snatch it all up?