The KFC International Breakfasts You Wish You Had

KFC, the artist formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, that restaurant with fried chicken formerly known as finger-lickin' good (via the BBC), has always played it fast and loose with the rules. Not bound by politics like Chick-Fil-A, nor caught up in the Burger Wars like some of the bigger names in casual dining, KFC has always been a pirate of sorts, navigating the choppy fast food seas with reckless abandon. And in international waters? That's where this fried chicken swashbuckler (swash-bucket-er?) is happiest.

Take, for example, the unique seafood offerings of KFCs abroad, such as KFC China's shrimp burger, or the much, much stranger shrimp doughnut at KFC Thailand (via TheTravel). Or what about KFC Singapore's fries with chocolate-hazelnut sauce? Lest you think that American KFCs are too straight-edge for any of this exotic experimentation, allow us to remind you that it was just this time last year that Foodbeast reported a limited-time run of a fried chicken and doughnuts pairing at KFCs across America. Was it breakfast? Was it lunch? Did it matter?

From Kentucky to Hong Kong, everyone loves a KFC breakfast

And speaking of breakfast, KFCs around the world have certainly got their fair share of interesting options for the most important meal of the day. CNN Travel reported that Portuguese egg tarts – flaky pastries filled with egg custard and coated with caramelized sugar – would be joining Singapore KFCs' menus after a rise in popularity at KFCs across China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. And TheTravel also highlights congee, a rice porridge that can be made sweet or savory, as a perk of many Chinese KFCs.

Some locations, like KFC Singapore, like to make a meal out of their breakfast offerings by adding hash browns and coffee. Our personal favorite, KFC Malaysia, turns a good morning into a great morning by adding peanuts, anchovies, and nasi lemak – coconut milk rice (via Taste Atlas) – to Colonel Sanders' traditional fried chicken. Hey Colonel, while you're making changes, maybe throw some coconut milk rice on a few of your menus around the U.S.? Just a suggestion.