Mistakes Everyone Makes With Cloud Bread

Let's squash the myth once and for all: Low carb does not have to mean low-level baking. Even without all that extra flour, you can bake a dreamy, fluffy batch of carb-free cloud bread at the drop of a hat...or at least, that's what the internet tells us.

If you're like one of the thousands of amateur chefs who tried their hand at the viral TikTok baking trend last year, then you probably encountered a batch or two (or three) of downright gloomy pucks of cloud bread. The recipe seems simple at first, with just a handful of common ingredients mixed together to make a meringue-like piece of "bread." But with a recipe that sounds too good to be true, something's got to give. And in this case, that something is your sanity, since cloud bread is a high maintenance process that admittedly requires some practice.

Don't worry though; you don't have to spend another afternoon whisking, only to be left with runny batter and crispy, flat slices. We've rounded up some of the most common cloud bread mistakes so you can conquer this Pinterest hit (and put down the Wonder Bread) once and for all.

You're under-beating or over-folding your egg whites

Egg whites are a finicky thing, especially when it comes to your cloud bread, and they're as picky as a Keto dieter. The only difference? Egg whites will be ruined by any extra fat or oil (and keto dieters can't relate). Completely separate your egg whites from the yolks, and pour them into a completely fresh bowl (preferably glass or stainless steel). You don't want even a drop of cooking spray, butter, or oil in this bowl — otherwise, your egg whites won't perfectly peak (via I Am A Food Blog).

Be extra mindful of how you whip the egg whites. This is the most critical part of any cloud bread recipe. Without stiff peaks, your cloud bread won't have any body and will go flat, says Spend With PenniesIf you're having trouble, try separating your eggs when cold and then let the whites sit out on the counter. Room temperature egg whites are much easier to work with, explains Baking Outside the Box.

While you want to over-beat your egg whites, you want to be particularly careful with how you fold them. In fact, you want to barely fold them at all. Ditch the electric mixer and use a regular spoon or spatula to slowly fold the stiffened egg whites into the yolk and cream cheese mixture. It should be just barely mixed in order to keep some structure in the batter (via Baking Outside the Box).

You're skipping out on crucial ingredients in your cloud bread batter

There are a number of different cloud bread recipe variations out there, and we can't say we're surprised — it took over Pinterest and TikTok, after all. Some suggest using low or reduced fat cream cheese, but spare yourself the trouble: Your batter will likely end up runny, and totally not worth the few calories you might have saved, says Baking Outside the Box.

Cream of tartar is key to scoring stiff peaks in your egg whites, and stiff peaks in your egg whites are key to scoring delicious, keto-friendly bread. Some recipes (like the viral TikTok one) say it's unnecessary. Some home cooks may skip it entirely, just out of pure convenience — who wants to buy another item just to lose it in the back of the pantry, anyway?

But according to the outlet, the acidity is what matters in cream of tartar, since it helps stabilize the egg whites. If you don't want to run to the store, you can always substitute with double the amount of lemon juice or white vinegar. We're willing to bet you have one of the two on hand, so what are you waiting for? Get practicing!