This Is The Best Way To Use Eye Of Round Steak

You're standing at the butcher counter at the grocery store, when a "sale" sign catches your eye. Next thing you know, you're walking out with a pound of eye of round roast in your bag. The only problem? You have no idea what exactly it is or what exactly you can (or should) use it for. One of the leaner cuts of beef and thus one of the more "economical" as well, eye of round can often get passed over in terms of the sexier cuts (like ribeyes). However, it's a great option for dinner, especially for anyone shopping on a budget or anyone looking for a less fatty beef.

That being said, there are some things that eye of round are better for than others. To help you prepare it in a way that's both delicious and tender, here's what you need to know about cooking the steak at home.

Cook eye of round steak low and slow

There are actually a lot of uses for eye of round steak, but they all have one thing in common: the beef should be cooked "low and slow." Meaning, it's typically best made in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker that can mimic the same cooking method, Cook's Info explains. This is because, according to My Recipes, eye of round is very lean so high heat (like grilling or roasting) can dry out the meat really fast.

The blogger behind Barbara Bakes adds that she likes braising eye of round in a Dutch oven for super tender, succulent meat. The steak can then be used in stews or roasts and is best enjoyed with gravy or another savory sauce for added flavor and juice. You can also slice it very thin after cooking it and eat it on a sandwich. Bonus points for au jus dipping sauce, too!