The Mistake You're Making When You Reheat Chicken Croquettes

When you find yourself hosting your closest friends for a dinner party at home and are busy sourcing which delicious appetizers you'd like to serve, you'll rarely be let down by reliable options such as roasted potatoes or delicious chicken croquettes — croquettes especially. What's not to like? As pointed out by A Sassy Spoon, they are an exceptionally good dish to make if you have extra chicken and don't know what to do with it. They're understandably great for sharing, and can make your meal a touch more exciting.

However, if you're planning on making a batch of chicken croquettes earlier in the day and want to reheat them later, it's not as simple as tossing them in the oven or a frying pain again. In fact, there's one thing that you should keep in mind for the best results. It's a solid piece of advice that will prevent soggy croquettes from ruining your dinnertime display.

When it comes to croquettes, use oil sparingly

Recently, a home chef on Chowhound asked about the best way to warm up frozen croquettes after defrosting them. One respondent gave a rather useful answer and advised them to avoid refrying the croquettes. "The croquettes received a little bath of oil when they were pan-fried the first time. Exploit it to your advantage by popping the croquettes into a very hot oven or toaster oven for just a little bit," they wrote.

They reckon that this is the best way to revive croquettes for your next meal without ruining their original flavor or texture. Basically, avoid the temptation to fry your croquettes once more as it won't do your dish any favors. Another commentator shared that when they don't mind putting in the extra time, they like to reheat the croquettes in the oven slowly and then make them crispier by increasing the heat. Whatever you do, avoid saturating your precious side dish in a pan filled with oil.