The Pioneer Woman's Go-To Parenting Trick For When Her Kids Are Fighting

Ree Drummond, known to fans of her blog, Food Network program, or general down-home country lifestyle as The Pioneer Woman, knows a thing or two about raising children, y'all. She has five of them, and the three sons and two daughters she shares with husband Ladd Drummond range in age from 17 to 23 years (via The Pioneer Woman). Mathematically speaking, 23 years of parenting experience definitely puts Drummond in the "expert" category by Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours standard, so if The Pioneer Woman has a parenting trick, we're here for it.

Like every household during the pandemic, the Drummond Ranch has felt the strain of months under quarantine. Two of her sons are only a month apart in age (Drummond and her husband fostered a son over a year-and-a-half ago), and as such there have been some "natural turf wars and personality clashes," according to Drummond's blog. With her two older daughters out of the house, that leaves Drummond alone with her husband and three teenage boys. Is it too much adolescent male energy? "We might as well get all of this over with at once," Drummond says. "It's much more efficient that way."

When in doubt, Ree Drummond says to hug it out

So what secrets might someone with such casual nonchalance in the face of chaotic circumstances recommend when things go off the rails in terms of sibling rivalry? Well, Drummond explains that the boys have started fishing together, which has bonded them in a way only fishermen can really understand. And when fights escalate and "staying out of it" doesn't work: "She makes us hug and shake hands," Drummond's daughter, Paige, reveals in anotherĀ blog post.

Sounds like advice best taken with a grain of sugar, right? "I make them hug a lot," Drummond explains. "Because that actually diffuses it." What sweet idea. Though, we think that pairing that hug with a nice, big serving of Drummond's famous chocolate pie would make things even better. Chances are the fight will be forgotten about before you can say...well, anything, because your mouth will be full of pie.