Everything You Need To Know About The Chocolate Milk Recall

If you live in Oklahoma or Texas, you might be affected by a local food recall. According to the FDA, Hiland Dairy has issued a recall of half-pint, one percent, low-fat chocolate milk cartons because some may contain food-grade sanitizers. This only applies to your chocolate milk if you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Metro Area; Western Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; or Tyler, Texas. If you do, check your milk for the sell-by date of Jan. 27, 2021, the plant code 4025, and the UPC code 72060-00156-3. If you have any, toss it; the sanitizers could cause illness and other nasty side effects if consumed.

According to the FDA, "Hiland Dairy initially learned of a potential issue and then confirmed after internal quality-control testing at the Norman, Oklahoma facility. The company promptly contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate the product recall." The recall applies to 240,000 units of chocolate milk, however no other milk products are included in the recall, so the rest of your dairy shelf can stay (via Delish).

Institutions impacted by this chocolate milk recall

It is believed that just eight cases of chocolate milk were improperly filled, however Hiland Dairy is recalling all of the product from that date just to be safe (via CNN). If you're wondering who was impacted by this 4,800-case recall, the answer isn't great. According to the recall statement, the impacted milk went to Hiland Dairy's "institutional customers," which means schools, hospitals, and prisons (via Miami Herald).

So far, 50 children are known to have consumed the contaminated milk and of those 28 needed to be transferred to Oklahoma Children's Hospital to be monitored (via International Business Times). Doctors urge that: "Anyone who believes they may have consumed the contaminated milk should seek immediate medical attention." Even though the disinfectant in the milk is thought to have been majorly diluted, side effects could include upset stomach, irritation in the mouth and throat, and even burns. Be safe, and check your milk.