Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Coffee

If you're looking to cut your coffee budget down from your current daily habit and eliminate more single-use plastics from your life, then steeped coffee might just be the latest coffee trend you need. Though it could mean giving up a barista who knows you as soon as you walk in the door, you won't be giving up a quality cup of joe too. Steeped coffee is just what it sounds like — steeping or brewing coarse coffee grounds in hot water like you would tea (via Coffee Sesh). The trendy coffee can be bought in bags just like tea too. The best part of all is that you can even use steeping coffee bags to make your own cold brew as well.

Per Coffee Sesh, you don't necessarily have to buy coffee bags for steeping. Though you can buy steeping coffee from brands like Chamberlain Coffee, LOMLI, and Counter Culture, you can also steep whatever coffee you have on hand using a French press. Just add three tablespoons per cup of water to a French press for a middle-of-the-road brew and let it steep for about five minutes for hot coffee or overnight for cold brew. According to The Kitchn, you can brew for up to 10 minutes or longer if you want a strong cup. You can always add more coffee grounds for a stronger brew too.

This is what to know about steeping coffee bags

For those of you who like to switch up your morning routine with coffee and tea or if you simply prefer to brew up one fresh cup at a time, steeping coffee bags are a great solution in more ways than one. One of the best perks of steeping coffee is that it eliminates the single-use plastic of coffee pods, and brands like LOMLI and Counter Culture use recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Donna Kim, the founder of LOMLI, told The Kitchn, "I wanted the bubble mailers, the wrapping, everything to be recyclable, sustainable, and as no-waste as possible." That means you can get your jolt without a guilt trip. 

To top it off, each bag of LOMLI is roughly $2, according to The Kitchn. Per Counter Culture's website, their single-serve coffee bags work out to about the same price, making it a habit that will help pad your wallet too. So, order a box of single-serve coffee bags to give the trend a try. It'll even justify buying one of the stunning kettles you've seen on Instagram too.