Andrew Zimmern Reveals His Favorite Bernie Sanders Meme

Bernie Sanders may have lost in his bid to become president of the United States — two times in a row now! — but the senator from Vermont has won the internet.

While President Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office, shaping U.S. policy, Sanders occupies just about every virtual space online. You can't open a social media page without seeing that photo of him, captured during Biden's inauguration on January 20: sitting in a folding chair, arms crossed, wearing a heavy parka and those big wool mittens.

That Bernie Sanders meme has legs. He's been cut out and pasted into historical photographs, famous paintings, and movie scenes. Bernie Sanders with mittens has even been turned into the fly in Vice President Mike Pence's hair during his debate against Kamala Harris.

Everyone has their favorite Sanders meme from Inauguration Day, including Andrew Zimmern. The celebrity chef and host of Bizarre Foods let his Twitter followers know which meme he liked best, and it's one that puts Bernie and his mittens in motion.

Bernie's mittens become Patrick Swayze's hands from Ghost

Andrew Zimmern's favorite Bernie Sanders meme falls into the "movie scene" category — and it's a classic. If you remember Ghost, the 1990 film with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, then you definitely remember the pottery wheel scene. Zimmern's favorite Sanders meme borrows from the part of the scene when Swayze's face appears behind Moore, and his hands move over hers on the clay. Except it's not Swayze's face you see in the meme — it's Sanders' face, complete with COVID-19 face mask. And those aren't Swayze's hands, they're Sanders' — mittens and all. The image really puts a new spin on Sanders' call for compassion in America (via Labor Notes). Zimmern captioned his Twitter post, "I'm loving the Bernie memes, this takes the cake."

Many of Zimmern's Twitter followers responded with some of their favorite Sanders memes, including another movie-themed one where Bernie sits and observes Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani with Borat's daughter from Borat 2. In any case, Zimmern's meme choice was widely approved in the Twittersphere.

Sanders couldn't be president, but America still appreciates him as meme-in-chief. "Bernie never anticipated his role in healing the nation," one Twitter user said, replying to Zimmern. "God bless him."