The Interesting Things Found In Roy Choi's Cooking Kit From The Chef Show

There's no shortage of cooking shows these days. Those looking for a competition show can choose from wholesome content like The Great British Baking Show or higher-stakes fare like Hell's Kitchen. For a more casual dive into the world of food and restaurants, plus a healthy dose of travel and the occasional celebrity, look no further than Netflix's The Chef Show. The production revolves around filmmaker Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi as they cook their way through all sorts of culinary adventures. To do this well, one must be prepared.

Roy Choi gained prominence for his Korean BBQ taco truck Kogi and worked with Favreau on Jon's 2014 movie Chef, showing the filmmaker around his restaurants and giving him real kitchen work to do (via Eater LA). Throughout The Chef Show, Roy Choi is rarely seen without an efficiently-packed backpack known as his cooking kit.

In an interview with Hypebeast, Choi breaks down the contents of his kit, which includes chef's knives, wooden chopsticks, Tapatio hot sauce, and a trio of homemade spice blends labeled "spicy," "sweety," and "cheesy." Plus, the essentials: salt and pepper.

Why Roy Choi's kit is so essential to him

Choi's kit doesn't just contain practical tools. It also carries strong sentimental value, in the form of a commemorative coin from The Chef Show. In addition to reminding Choi of the bonds he's formed with Favreau and the crew, it's also a career milestone.

Being on a Netflix show, Choi tells Hypebeast, is "an exposure I've never experienced yet on this scale and it's pretty damn exciting, especially when it's because of something honest and meaningful that inspires people to cook and change lives."

There are also some other interesting odds and ends, as Hypebeast reveals, such as a Diptyque scented candle, an eye mask, and a "cannabis-infused snack." After all, you never know when you'll need to relax on the go.

But of course, the kit is predominantly to aid in creating delicious food. If you want to cook like Choi (or at least channel some of his vibes), never forget the importance of a sharp knife — apparently Favreau and Choi have been spotted using the Kamikoto line — quality seasoning, and a good bottle of hot sauce.