This Is The Biggest Steak At LongHorn Steakhouse

If you're a steak snob, you might just shudder at the thought of LongHorn Steakhouse. We get it — steak does not equal casual. Nonetheless, LongHorn has made a name for itself as a casual dining chain, and with – admittedly – delicious, affordable steaks. Being a steak aficionado can be pretty high-maintenance (and expensive). If you aren't willing to grill the meat yourself, cut yourself some slack and grab a significantly less stuffy meal at LongHorn.

And if you're already used to spending the big bucks at a swanky steakhouse, you might as well go the full mile and commit the next time you "settle" for a LongHorn steak. What better way to do that than with the biggest steak that the restaurant offers?

The LongHorn Porterhouse clocks in at a stomach-growling 22 oz. and is the thickest cut available at the restaurant. Pricing varies per location, but Fast Food Menu Prices provides the ballpark figure of $27.99. We're personally booking it to our closest LongHorn ASAP.

If you've never had a porterhouse steak, then trust us: You're in for a treat. This is the kind of steak that you ditch the dessert (and completely forget about the mashed potatoes on the side) for. One of the best cuts of meat, a porterhouse is typically a large cut that is essentially a combination of a New York strip and filet mignon. LongHorn's version is particularly flavorful, seasoned to perfection, and topped with the chain's popular finishing sauce.

The LongHorn Porterhouse was once a meal large enough for two

Nearly a decade ago, restaurant-goers were flocking to LongHorn for one of the greatest deals the chain has offered to date: a 30 oz. porterhouse steak for two, complete with multiple sides and salads, at just $39.99 (via Restaurant Hospitality). The plating was something out of a five-star steakhouse, with an orange peel and roasted garlic accompanying the massive cut. 

Comments on a 2012 Facebook post by LongHorn indicate that some even felt the dinner deal was more fitting for a party of three. At 10 oz. of steak a person, we can't say we disagree! Other patrons felt the opposite and suggested that the chain take the porterhouse and make it personal. One commenter asked, "Do you have to share?" while others mentioned that they loved ordering the cut for themselves alone.

While the steak-for-two was apparently a bit too hefty to add to LongHorn's regular menu, the chain embraced the 22 oz. porterhouse. The tender T-bone and filet combo now holds the spot as the thickest steak on LongHorn's menu. The calorie count reflects that title, too; make sure you go light on the apps because this entree is 1,280 calories without the sides (via LongHorn's nutrition guide). It may not be the original 30 oz. (and it may not be fresh from a Michelin star steakhouse), but at nearly 1.5 pounds, you're sure to get your money's worth with this night out.