Subway Is Being Sued For Its Tuna. Here's Why

Subway has taken some heavy flak in the press in the past few weeks. According to CTV News, citizens in Quebec found that their subway chicken contained 50 percent chicken and 50 percent filler materials, leading to a variety of lawsuits, including a defamation suit that Subway enacted against the Canadian public broadcasting company that broke the news (via CP 24). The sub sandwich megachain has once again courted scandal thanks to breaking information regarding the quality of its tuna.

Two residents of California have launched a US-based lawsuit accusing Subway of food fraud, claiming that the tuna served at their restaurants didn't include tuna, and possibly not even fish (via The Washington Post)! Subway has denied the allegation, with a spokesperson stating that the fish used in the sandwiches features wild-caught tuna. The plaintiffs filed the case after testing the alleged tuna in a lab, finding that the ingredients that made up the fish contain filler ingredients blended together to mimic the taste and texture of tuna. While the case continues to develop, Subway has responded, claiming innocence in the whole affair.

Another food fraud case for Subway

According to Seafood Source, Subway claims that their tuna's only other ingredient comes in the form of mayonnaise, and the lawsuit remains baseless. The details of the filed suit don't lay out what ingredients the plaintiffs claim really lie in the tuna spread, and it appears that the suit doesn't have a scheduled court date yet. The case, filed on January 21st in the Northern District of California, may have some long-ranging effects for the brand's public image in America, but only time can tell what happens during this latest court battle Subway faces, per Seafood Source

If you have any doubts as to what Subway's tuna might include, it would behoove you to avoid the product for now. If you have no worries about the case, continue indulging in Subway's classic tuna sandwiches at any of their thousands of locations across the country and keep your eyes peeled for more breaking news as details of this case develop.