Andrew Zimmern's Super Bowl Sandwich Is A New Orleans Classic

With the 2021 Super Bowl less than two weeks away, the time has arrived to start planning our party spreads and game day feasts for the big day. According to The Daily Meal, chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip, and spinach artichoke dip rank as the top three most-popular snacks that we love to indulge in while watching the game. While these time-tested favorites have a good shot at entering your menu if you plan on celebrating, other fans plan to chow down on some very novel delectables.

Andrew Zimmern ranks as a food personality who might have found one of the best culinary accompaniments to watch the Super Bowl with. In a recent Twitter post, Andrew Zimmern shared his perfect meal for the big game — the classic New Orleans muffuletta. According to Proud Italian Cook, the muffuletta features Italian bread, a spicy olive salad spread, and a mixed amount of Italian charcuterie for filling. The sandwich evolved in the Big Easy and came about thanks to Italian immigrants in the area. Zimmern plans to follow the traditional recipe but spices his sandwich up with the addition of extra lettuce, something you wouldn't see in a purist muffuletta recipe.

The ultimate sandwich for the ultimate game day

The muffuletta has an incredibly rich history that can trace its lineage back to the old country. The name of the sandwich derives from muffuletta bread, a soft, round loaf that Italian immigrants could easily find in New Orleans (via Food Match). The ingredients that make up the sandwich used to get eaten separately until the Central Grocery, an enterprising market in New Orleans, put them together into a Sicilian-inspired treat that has survived for generations. If you have never tasted this signature sandwich with Italian-American roots, there's no time like the present to start!

Whether you need to entertain your bubble or just want to whip up a platter of snacks for yourself, follow Andrew Zimmern's example and include the muffuletta in your game day preparations. With such bold flavors, you can easily see why this sandwich has stood the test of time and with any luck, it can enter your regular meal circulation once the final touchdown has been scored.