Does Blaze Pizza Offer Keto Options?

Sticking to dietary restrictions when eating out or ordering in can be especially challenging. It can be such a bummer to realize how limited your options are. Thankfully, Blaze Pizza has recognized this. The beloved chain has captured the hearts of many pizza aficionados since their opening, but if you've been steering clear of the chain because you're under the impression that they don't have any options that are keto-diet-friendly, you are mistaken. The chain offers a wonderful keto crust that has been getting rave reviews.

For the uninitiated, the ketogenic diet is "a high-fat, low-carb diet that adherents say can offer health benefits such as weight loss," according to Biz Journals, which also notes that Blaze is actually the "first national pizza chain to introduce a keto-diet-friendly crust," which is quite a claim to fame. Their keto crust has "6 grams of net carbs, substituting flour with high-fat, low-carb ingredients like flaxseed, cheese, and eggs," according to USA Today. The Blaze official website actually notes that they have two gluten-free crusts: cauliflower and keto. But be careful: according to Eat This, Not That, while the cauliflower crust is certainly gluten free, it is not keto. So if you're especially stringent while following the keto diet, make sure to only order the keto crust when eating at Blaze.

The ingredients of Blaze's keto pizza crust

It will help that the chain has released a pie called the "Keto pizza," which is made of "keto crust, spicy red sauce, mozzarella, ovalini mozzarella, bacon, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach."

Keto Connect states that the entire recipe list for the keto crust is "cauliflower rice, low-moisture mozzarella cheese, casein protein, flaxseed, eggs, whey protein, yeast, spics, and cultured brown rice." Blaze now has 300 restaurants in over 41 states and five countries. In addition, their keto crusts are not restricted only to the states — they're also available in Canada (via Bloomberg). In addition, they've introduced protein, vegan, and vegetarian pizzas that are specially designed to abide by dietary restrictions and be as delicious as possible (via USA Today).

While there is a slight upcharge for the specialty crusts, the cost certainly won't break the bank. It's also important to note the myriad vegan and vegetarian topping options that the chain offers. Now, thanks to Blaze Pizza, there is no need to feel restricted when partaking in a pizza night.