Everything You Need To Know About Ben & Jerry's Decadent New Topped Ice Creams

Just when you thought Ben & Jerry's couldn't possibly top their vibrant line-up of ice cream, here they come with the best news of the year thus far. For ice cream lovers who can't wait to dip their spoon into their Ben & Jerry's favorite flavors, well, you might want to set aside the Chunky Monkey for the meantime. The acclaimed Vermont ice cream makers have just released seven new mind-blowing flavors that will undoubtedly raise the ice cream bar for Ben & Jerry's even higher! That's right, there's a new reason to flock to the freezer aisle.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is known for putting so much emphasis on textures that there's usually little need for syrups or sprinkles (via Ben and Jerry's). But just in case you do want to expand your ice cream palate, there's Ben & Jerry's Topped line that has everything from chunks and swirls to a spoonable chocolatey ganache topping, according to the company's website. Ben and Jerry's explains that their ganache topping, not unlike the kind you'd find in pastries or truffles, is "firm but spoonable."

This new Ben and Jerry's is Topped with all of your favorites!

Teasing fans with new images on social media channels, Ben & Jerry's have got people crying tears of joy! "Omg cannot wait to try," said one Instagram user in a comment.

The seven new flavors include (via Ben & Jerry's): Whiskey Biz, which is a brown butter bourbon flavor-packed with blonde brownies and whiskey-infused caramel swirls topped with a white chocolatey ganache and white fudge chunks. Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough features cookie dough ice cream smothered in a silky dark chocolatey ganache with loads of chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel swirls. PB Over the Top is filled to the brim with chocolate ice cream, chocolatey ganache, swirls of peanut butter and peanut butter cups, and finally topped with mini peanut butter cups.

The fun continues with Salted Caramel Brownie, which is a vanilla ice cream topped with loads of salted caramel swirls, caramel cups and fudgy brownies with a smooth layer of chocolatey ganache. Strawberry Topped Tart is a sweet cream ice cream flavor and mix of sweet strawberry swirls mixed with a pie crust pastry under a layer of white chocolatey topping and sprinkles. Thick Mint includes a mint cookie medley with chocolate cookie swirls, mint chocolate cookie balls topped with chocolate cookies and a chocolatey ganache. Finally, Tiramisu is a mascarpone masterpiece filled with espresso-laced fudge chunks immersed in a rich ganache, shortbread pieces, and fudge swirls. 

These pints are available now at around $4.99-5.49 (via Delish), so grab the spoons and get to work.