What You Didn't Know About The Dutch Bros Secret Menu

For those who have been to a Dutch Bros Coffee before, then you already know that the menu is definitely different from your standard Starbucks that you can find anywhere across the world. Dutch Bros is a coffee chain that started in 1992 in Oregon and now has 421 locations all over the West Coast (via Forbes). Their menu includes all of your standard coffee and espresso offerings, but they also have their own Dutch Classics that are served up hot or iced. But there's nothing run-of-the-mill about their classic items. These drinks include a series of flavored breves that come in delicious combinations like chocolate with macadamia nut or coconut and mocha (via Dutch Bros).

The chain also has tons of other drinks like teas, chai, smoothies, a private-label energy drink, and even an entire category they call Dutch Frost. These shake-like drinks are flavored like birthday cake, cotton candy, strawberry, white chocolate, and one they call "ninja," which is white chocolate and mint. But anyone who has heard of the Dutch Bros secret menu knows it's even wilder than some of the flavors they offer on their go-to menus. On the secret menu, there are even drinks inspired by candy, making it a sugar-lovers paradise.

The secret menu might be even odder

According to Cosmopolitan, there are about 20 secret drinks, though it isn't exactly a secret. Most of the creations are posted to Dutch Bros social media. Unlike Starbucks secret drinks, the Dutch Bros secret menu amplifies the wacky flavor combinations that you'd expect from their impressive and exciting array of drinks.

Among the coffee secret menu drinks, there's a French Toast Breve and a Molten Lava Mocha to start with. Then there's a White Coffee Cookie, which is a combination of espresso, breve, white chocolate, and macadamia nut that makes it take just like a caffeinated white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Other secret coffees include a White Zombie, which combines vanilla and white chocolate, as well as a Grasshopper Mocha, which is mint chocolate and coffee.

Twists on lemonade, energy drinks, and teas also made the Dutch Bros secret menu. There's the Marmalade Paris Tea, which is a mix of orange, ruby red grapefruit, and strawberry teas, as well as the Palm Beach Lemonade, which is flavored with pomegranate and peach.

Finally, there are two sugared-up energy drinks, including Gummy Bear Rebel and Unicorn Blood Blended Rebel. Unicorn Blood includes strawberry, white chocolate, and almond while Gummy Bear mixes white chocolate, kiwi, and lime with their energy drink. The Ba-Nay-Nay is a chocolate-banana Frost, while the Dirty Caterpillar, a caramel green apple smoothie, is an eye-catching option too.

Take a peek at the secret menu before your next visit. According to Thrillist, the lineup is a "rolling database," so chances are there will be even more secret drinks added each month.