Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited About This New Fermented Black Garlic

Trader Joe's fans are super excited about this accessible and affordable black garlic seasoning. Listed as ground fermented Black Garlic, you can find this next to your Everything But the Bagel seasoning at TJ's. Trader Joe's superfans spotted this find and let us know, "New New New Ground Fermented Black Garlic Seasoning ($2.99) I can't wait to use this on pastas, avocado toast, potatoes, eggs, veggies and stir fry recipes! What would you use it on?" (via Instagram).

The essential fan response to this product is "need this." As one reader points out, "dang why does TJ's gotta do this to us! Always gotta make 2 trips a week or something!!!" 

Ingredients are nothing more than dried black garlic and rice hull — an additive to prevent caking. You'll be essentially getting a bottle of umami to shake on all things you love with traditional white garlic (via Bon Appetit). It's a taste you've just got to try.

Get fermented and funky on-the-go with black garlic

You might remember us telling you how to make your own black garlic before. It's like slow cooking garlic to leave the flavor and remove the bite. While it's a simple process, but it takes two to three weeks! If you're a busy remote working homeschooling parent, you definitely need a quick fix, and this ground and fermented black garlic shaker does just that.

This shakeable garlic can be used almost anywhere, but TJ's suggests trying it on avocado toast, in butter and sauces, on vegetables, or your favorite meat or fish. In fact, the only downside seems to be the need to avoid heat and moisture as the clumping issue is mentioned multiple times.

The shakeable black garlic follows up Trader Joe's previous experiments in this fermented food including large bags of whole black garlic that have been winning people over for years (via The Kitchn). In the words of an inspired food writer upon first discovering this flavor, "You guys. Black garlic is delicious."