The Truth About This Viral McDonald's Sheet Cake TikTok

The McDonald's sheet cake may be the biggest secret menu item in all of fast food, but the secret is out now, thanks to TikToker Kayleigh Weeks and a few others. Weeks posted a video to TikTok that shows her cutting into a sheet cake with Ronald McDonald's image on the icing. Weeks added the text, "Did you know McDonald's sells 9 dollar cakes" to her video. 

Commenters were skeptical. Some insisted the cake was hidden in that particular McDonald's freezer since the 1990s. McDonald's employees stepped up to the comments to say the fast-food chain doesn't sell cakes, as far as they know.

Weeks returned to TikTok on February 1 with some proof. In this video, she shows a screen on the McDonald's cash register reading "Choc Birthday Cake," along with the receipt from a McDonald's in Omaha, Nebraska and a shot of her removing the cake from its packaging. To McDonald's credit, this particular cake appears not to be from the era of Montel and Sally Jesse Raphael. Wording printed on the side of the box reads, "USE THRU 22 FEB 2021." Together, Weeks' two McDonald's cake videos have been viewed 8.3 million times.

TikTokers prove the McDonald's sheet cake is a real thing

Despite all the evidence TikTok user Kayleigh Weeks had gathered, commenters were still suspicious, having not seen the cakes at their local McDonald's. Other commenters remembered McDonald's providing the cakes back in the day, as part of a birthday package for celebrations held in their play areas. 

While not all McDonald's carry the birthday cake, other TikTokers posted hard evidence that at least some restaurants in the chain do. TikToker @ariaaxoxo posted a video of her best friend Yessica, a McDonald's employee, opening up the cake from behind the counter for proof.

Another TikToker, @connsully, decided to call an Omaha McDonald's location to further verify the claim of a near-mythical McDonald's sheet cake. The McDonald's employee on the other end of the call confirmed that they sold the cakes. "As of right now we are completely sold out due to the TikTok video," the employee said.

Weeks returned to TikTok one more time with a taste test video. Friends and family were not overly impressed with the McDonald's cake, and some of them seemed hesitant to admit they liked it. "That's a weird texture," one man says in the video. As for two other people who weren't seen, all they could say was, "it is edible."