Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Petite Belgian Waffles

If you're one of those people who likes to linger over a satisfying breakfast, rather than grab a piece of toast while rushing out the door, then Costco has great news for you. The wholesale market is now selling tasty, petite Belgian waffles that have all the flavor of a fancy European breakfast, but without the price of an international flight. A 12-pack of these petite Belgian waffles are now available at Costco for just $7.99. These waffles are made in Belgium using only fresh, all-natural ingredients, with no GMOs.

The waffles are from the French specialty baked good company Le Chic Patissier, which specializes in "the very best of French food and authentic products" according to its website. Its mini Belgian waffles are joining its other Costco offerings, which include treats like sweet Stroopwafels, specialty heart-shaped macaroons, and regular sized Belgian waffles (via Instagram). Right now, they are only available at select Costco locations in the Northwest and Northeast regions, although many excited shoppers mentioned on posts that they're hoping the brand will expand its offerings into other locations soon.

Costco shoppers were buzzing about the find on social media

Costco shoppers took to social media to express their delight in their new breakfast find. "These are delicious," Instagram user @seaview1026 wrote in response to an image posted by @costco_doesitagain. Other followers who have tried them also raved about the flavor and loving them as a breakfast option, but along with these mini love letters, there were plenty of satisfied shoppers who also offered great tips on how to serve these tiny waffles. 

"Ugh I love these. I spread Nutella on them and top it off with strawberries," @kenshosoup recommended. Several fans also suggested warming them in the microwave or oven for a brief time before eating. One Costco fan account, @blackgirlsruncostco, suggested their followers simply toast and enjoy. "These Belgian waffles by @lechicpatissier are the perfect brunch dish. Just drop them in the toaster to brown and 'Voila! Bon appetit! An authentic #belgianwaffle, each has tiny sugar pearls inside, so no syrup needed! Yummm!" they wrote. They are also delicious with a side of fruit, topped with whipped cream, or covered with your favorite jam or jelly.

So no matter if you're eating them for a sit-down breakfast or fancy brunch, warming them up for a special dessert, or simply grabbing them right out of the package for a quick and satisfying snack, there seems to be no wrong way to enjoy these petite Belgian waffles.