The Reason Everyone Is Talking About McDonald's 'McFish' Sandwich

The internet is a strange place full of strange people, and sometimes it reminds us of that with a truly bizarre trending topic on Twitter, which is exactly what happened the other day when "McFish" started to trend. If you didn't catch it, the topic started as a tweet from conservative website Newsmax's Greg Kelly that read: "I just went to a MACDONALD'S and there was no MCFISH on the menu. When the hell did that happen? Is it permanently banned? Or is just my "local" MACDONALD'S. I demanded to see the "manager" but they accused me of being a "MALE KAREN" so i walked out" (via Twitter).

The combination of misspelling "McDonald's," calling the filet-o-fish "McFish," and using random quotes and capitalization all to describe Kelly's extremely entitled attitude towards being denied a fish sandwich before 10 a.m. (when McDonald's is still only serving its breakfast menu) caught the internet's immediate attention. Other users were quick to interject with their own opinions, jokes, and memes. Meanwhile, others fact-checked the question posed in the tweet (namely, that the "McFish" had been "permanently banned") (via Snopes).

What people had to say about the McFish tweet

Twitter's response to the ridiculousness of Kelly's tweet was even better than the tweet itself. One user tweeted: "1) it's "McDonald's"... it's literally in your picture 2) there has never been such a thing as a "McFish" 3) the Filet-o-Fish is not on the breakfast McDonald's menu and no, they're not going to make you one just because you demand it." Another: "A male Karen walks into a restaurant he can't spell correctly, asks for something that has never been on the menu, asks to see the manager and leaves in a huff. Perhaps he should have gone to McDonalds and asked for a Filet-O-Fish. I'm surprised you didn't pull a gun on them" (also via Twitter). 

One person used a tweet to accuse him of making the whole things up: "Maybe Greg did go to his "local MACDONALD'S" but he stole this picture off of Google from someone else. Which makes me think maybe Mr. MCFISH is making this whole thing up. Cause when you put all the pieces together it sounds a bit too MCFISHY." Unfortunately, Kelly did not enjoy the jokes and attempted to divert attention by engaging in whataboutism, tweeting: "So I misspell "McDonald's" and the Media goes NUCLEAR. Meanwhile @joebiden LIED today..." blatantly ignoring the many other critiques made against the tweet. So far, the McDonald's Twitter account hasn't commented on the "McFish" phenomenon.