The Ridiculous Amount Of Cakes Walmart Estimates It Sells

Shopping at Walmart can be an overwhelming experience. It seems like they sell just about everything. Need a teepee for your dog (via CNET)? They've got you covered. Upgrading your toilet with a bidet attachment (via CNET)? Walmart can help. Or have you been on the search for a three-pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows (via CNET)? You can find those and pretty much anything else your heart desires at Walmart. Per Forbes, Walmart has secured the number 19 spot on the publication's Global 2000 list of the world's biggest public companies, and it has even beat out Amazon as the world's largest retailer. And for good reason, Walmart is everywhere, and that's by design. According to their corporate website, there is a Walmart within 10 miles of 90 percent of the American population. No wonder we are so inclined to shop there.

When we walk into a Walmart, we are immediately drawn to their bakery. It's so big and there are so many sugary treats to satiate the sweetest sweet tooth, we can't pass it up. With so many of these stores in our community, it has us wondering how many cakes Walmart sells. The volume must be incredible, right?  

One in four cakes is bought at a Walmart

The answer is "right." Walmart is whipping up an incredible amount of cakes for its customers. Per Yahoo Finance, Walmart sells a lot of cakes. In fact, the company says they are responsible for one out of every four cakes that we are buying in the United States. Can you imagine how much eggs, sugar, butter, flour, and milk that is! And Walmart is sitting on some fascinating trivia to back up this claim. Kinna Thomas, who has the awesome and coveted title of senior buying manager for cakes at Walmart, told Yahoo Finance, "We have some crazy, crazy statistics. We sell enough sheet cakes to circle the earth and the equator. That's lots and lots of cake that we have."

Thomas also shared, "As far as our icing is concerned, you know those shell-borders that go on the edge of birthday cakes? We use enough icing to make that border from the earth to the moon and back."  

You can even customize and order your cake from the Walmart bakery online using either your phone, tablet, or computer, which is such a blessing when your workweek is too busy to get to the store. Thomas also shared that the retail giant also does two and three-tier cakes for weddings, baby showers, or whatever your celebration might be.