38% Of People Think They Could Make This Better Than Giada De Laurentiis

Being a home chef isn't always an easy task. You're essentially a self-taught maverick, maneuvering your way through the kitchen with little to no help. It's only natural then that many home chefs are proud of and confident about their work. In fact, some folks even think that there are some dishes that they can prepare better than celebrity chefs, including Giada De Laurentiis. No kidding. De Laurentiis is particularly well-known for her love for Italian food, and some of her most popular recipes, according to Food Network, are focaccia with clementine and fennel, Roman-style chicken, and beef and cheese manicotti.

In a recent Mashed survey, we asked participants to vote for the dishes that they felt they could beat De Laurentiis at creating. Some of the choices included tiramisu, chocolate chip cookies, grilled salmon, Roman-style chicken, and more. Turns out, some options were far more popular than the others.

Many respondents chose the chocolate chip cookies

The survey had 656 participants in total and 38.26 percent of the them believed that they could make a winning batch of chocolate chip cookies to beat out Giada De Laurentiis. Grilled salmon was the next most popular option at 20.73 percent. What about the other picks? Well, 12.24 percent had other answers that they chose over the ones provided in the survey. One participant wrote, "None, they would crush me," while another voter revealed that they weren't too familiar with De Laurentiis but reckon that they may be able to win with chocolate chip cookies, too. Someone else admitted, "Nothing. I barely cook." Fair enough.

Fried ravioli and Roman-style chicken had a close contest (6.86 percent and 6.55 percent, respectively.) Bolognese was slightly higher than both at 7.32 percent while tiramisu was the least popular pick (5.03 percent). Which food item do you reckon you'd be able to make better than De Laurentiis?