The One Thing Wawa Employees Want You To Stop Doing

Wawa prides itself on being a massive brand that caters to customers across the country. Per its website, shoppers at Wawa can get access to plenty of freshly prepared food items such as sandwiches, coffee, snacks, and more. The brand has over 800 convenience stores in the U.S. and includes locations such as New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Plus, shoppers can choose from a huge selection of grocery items.

While Wawa has a concrete base of loyal fans, what do those behind the scenes think of the company? Do employees enjoy their jobs? A handful of them discussed their experience on Reddit, explaining that it can be overwhelming but is usually worth it. 

One Redditor wrote about their time at the company and said what helped them adjust to their role was working with a supportive team. They explained, "People are difficult but we usually have great coworkers that make it worth it. You will also find yourself looking forward to seeing your regulars too. They are least at my Wawa, we work well together."

However, not all stories are the same. The Redditor who wrote the original post found the role very overwhelming — a big reason being the stress that comes with the position. After all, Wawa employees need to be proactive and take care of several responsibilities at once while they're on a shift. With that in mind, here's one thing that Wawa staff members wish customers would do.

Wawa employees want customers to be more considerate

A Wawa employee wrote about their requests for customers on Reddit, listing some of their most prevalent pet peeves. Firstly, they want customers to stop asking for breakfast after it's over (breakfast offerings are only available until 11 a.m.). They also asked customers to stop trying to fit all kinds of toppings in a single Junior roll. Their reasoning is simple: there really isn't enough space!

They also want customers to be more patient while waiting for their order. They wrote, "Be patient when coffee needs to be replaced at the coffee bar...we can't magically have a new jug of coffee in the five seconds you have been standing there demanding more."

Another commentator added that words like "please" and "thank you" don't take a lot of effort but make a difference. They wrote, "More generally speaking here from register but 'hello', 'please', and 'thanks' go a really long way. The overwhelming majority of customers do this and are super cool but man it sucks when they don't." Fair enough — customer service employees definitely deserve good manners at the very least.