Alton Brown Just Shared His Most Hilarious 'Culinary Truth' Yet

We've all got our quarantine hobbies at this point, and it seems Alton Brown's is correcting some of what he sees as culinary misconceptions or blindspots on his Twitter. These tweets have become a series on Brown's feed for weeks. The first tweet to use the words "culinary truth" came on Jan. 14, 2021 and reads: "Guys, here's some culinary truth you can count on: searing doesn't seal in juices" (via Twitter). If this shocks you, just wait for the rest of the culinary truth bombs.

Since then, Brown has added 13 more "culinary truths" to his Twitter feed, many encouraging critical thought and discussion amongst his food-loving followers, for instance: "Culinary truth: Coriander and Cilantro are from the same plant. Discuss" (via Twitter). Of course, this is true here, but in other parts of the world they actually call cilantro coriander for that reason (via HuffPost). 

However, in just a few days the anthology of culinary truths has evolved to include tongue-in-cheek comments, including: "one should never send an onion to do a shallot's job," and "Um, you burned the garlic" (yes, apparently that's a #CulinaryTruth), and even "The best thing any guest can bring to the dinner table is manners" (via Twitter). Then, after his Super Bowl "Quarantine Quitchen" live stream, Brown tweeted the funniest #CulinaryTruth so far: "It appears I can eat 23 chicken wings without throwing up" (via Twitter). Of course, Twitter had something to say about that.

What Twitter had to say about Alton Brown's wing record

When Brown made this offhand tweet, he was probably prepared for some snarky, off-the-cuff responses (this is Twitter, after all), and he definitely got them. While some offered approval, with comments like: "That's a good start," others decided to question the chef's choices, with one person even writing: "But why would anyone want to? Not worth the discomfort afterwards, nor the calories!" Brown was quick to playfully jab back, writing "You clearly have never had my wings" (via Twitter). Then he moved on the more playful responses, like the comment: "Well, good luck with your butt," to which Brown replied: "I put all that behind me." Well-put.

If you want to see how many of Alton Brown's buffalo wings you can eat, the recipe looks pretty simple and doesn't even require a deep-fryer (lucky for your butt)! If you need a little more instruction, you can watch his live stream from Super Bowl Sunday on YouTube.