This Is What It's Really Like To Work At Noodles And Company

Noodles and Company prides itself on being a versatile brand as far as noodle-based dishes are concerned. According to the brand's site, the restaurant, which first opened in 1995 in Denver, is mindful of using ingredients that are top-notch and fresh (via Fast Food Menu Prices). The company also claims to be a positive work place for its employees, with an aim to live the values: "We Care, We Show Pride, We are Passionate, and We Love Life." As Noodles and Company explains, "We have jobs of all different shapes and sizes, which means we give people the flexibility they need to work a few hours a week or buckle-in for a lifelong career."

Additionally, as per Noodles and Company, it's essential to provide team members opportunities to grow and explore their potential on the job. Perks include a monthly Super Noodler award, paid time off for general and assistant managers, education loans and scholarships, healthcare and retirement packages for some positions, and discounts.

But what is it really like to be a part of the noodle brand and work at Noodles and Company? We decided to dig a little further and investigate. Here's what we found.

There is room for improvement at Noodles & Company

According to reviews from employees at Noodles and Company, working for the brand is a mixed bag of sorts. The company has a 3.6 rating on Indeed. A former team member posted in 2018 that, "due to poor management a lot of people quit and I was left taking care of the restaurant almost single handed." Another complaint? The pay could be a lot better. Per Payscale, the average hourly rate of Noodles and Company employees is $11.05. Another ex-employee wrote on Indeed that they thought the work environment was aggressive and hostile.

Noodles and Company struggled back in 2016, when former assistant managers sued the company for unpaid overtime, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (via Bloomberg). The company decided to settle, paying $3 million to end the dispute, but admitted to no liability.

However, some at Noodles and Company seem satisfied, as there are several positive reviews on Glassdoor. A former employee praised the fact that they got to learn a lot as a general manager and the experience was invaluable. They wrote, "It depends on what you're looking for. If you want to move up with a company, this job is it. If you're looking for a job to just pass the time, don't bother. This place asks for a lot, but it gives a lot back." Another ex-team member wrote that the company was decent in terms work culture and they only wished for the working hours to be a bit different. Still, Glassdoor's stats reveal that only 60 percent of employees would recommend the job to a friend.