Lay's Is Giving Away Chocolate Covered Potato Chips For Valentine's Day. Here's How To Get Some

"You asked, we delivered," Lay's tweeted on February 8, 2021, of its Milk Chocolate Covered Wavy Lay's, which the Pepsi-owned company describes as "a delicious harmony of rich milk chocolate with the perfect punctuation of sea salt and the light crunchy taste of a Lay's Wavy Potato Chip" (via Potato Business). 

Lay's Wavy Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips are the brand's first chocolate-covered chip. First introduced in December 2013 as a limited-edition holiday product, they were brought back in 2015 for a limited Valentine's Day run in Canada, according to the Canadian blog, Hello Vancity, which quoted a senior marketing director of PepsiCo Canada as saying that "the demand for sweet and salty snacks is on the rise." 

Six years later, it appears that hasn't changed. What has changed, however, is that the seductively sweet and salty treat is not available in retail stores this time around. Rather, Lay's is giving away its chocolate-covered potato chips for Valentine's Day 2021 — but only to a lucky few. Here's how to ensure you get your taste of this treat that is clearly winning the Valentine's Day game by playing "hard-to-get."

Here's how to get your chocolate-covered potato chips

"We know what you like," Lay's teased on its Facebook page. "Tell us why you should get these exclusive, limited edition Chocolate Covered Wavy Lay's and maybe you'll get a taste of this sweet satisfaction." On Twitter and Instagram, the ask is just a tad more complicated, requiring users to comment with a particular emoji (a kiss, in the case of Twitter, and a chocolate bar, in the case of Instagram) to show they're "in the mood" for the chocolate-covered-wavy-potato-chip treat. And then, presumably if you're lucky, "you may just get a taste."

In each case, you have to stake your claim before the contest ends on February 12, according to Best Products. Those who do will be entered into a giveaway contest. Those who can't bring themselves to post a public love letter to Lay's chocolate-covered potato chips via social media can still get a hit of the sweet-and-salty by making their own, per Lay's own recipe (via Lay's). Ah, the lengths we will go for love, or, more accurately, something that tastes quite a bit like it (via a 2015 study published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships).