The Best Burger In Indiana Has A Secret Ingredient

When the Mashed team went in search of the best burger in every state, rave reviews in Indiana, like the ones on TripAdvisor and Facebook, led them straight to the Wagyu Burger at Burger Study in Indianapolis. Though reviewers gave many of its burgers high marks, fans were especially excited about the Wagyu and its surprising secret ingredient.

With the name Wagyu Burger, you might assume the secret of this best burger in Indiana is the wagyu beef, which according to Taste Of Home is a higher-priced variety valued for exceptional flavor and texture. But the real secret ingredient is actually blueberry jam. Yes: a locally-sourced wagyu beef burger with melted, whipped brie, fresh baby arugula...and a hefty spoonful of blueberry jam.

Burger Study first announced the addition of the Wagyu Burger to its offerings in an Instagram post, after giving it a trial run at the restaurant. The fan feedback elevated the burger from a mere novelty to having a permanent spot on the restaurant's menu.

Blueberry jam and beef?

It's actually not as "out there" a combination as it might sound like. Spoon University shares that fruit and meat make a delicious pairing, with the sweetness of fruit balancing the salty and savory flavors found in chicken, pork, and yes, beef. Not all fruit and meat pairings win fans: pineapple and ham pizza still ranks as one of the most hated pizza toppings. However, Burger Study proved that blueberries and burgers are a winning team.

Sadly, the Best Burger in Indiana is now just a memory. The Indy Star reported that Burger Study fell victim to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, closing its doors for good in October 2020. Indy Star noted that other eateries owned by the Huse Culinary restaurant group are still in operation. However, a scan of these restaurants' menus shows no sign of the Wagyu Burger.

When Burger Study announced the closure, one Facebook user lamented, "I still think about that beautiful Wagyu Burger with the blueberry jam every week." A burger this unique deserves to live on in memory, and maybe even through a little burger topping experimentation on our own grills.