This Is Why Jamba Changed Its Name

Who doesn't love a delicious strawberry banana smoothie or some wholesome green juice? Beverages like these are what launched Jamba Juice in 1990. The company was originally named "Juice Club" (via The Tribune) when it was founded in San Luis Obispo, California by Kirk Perron, a cyclist and proponent of healthy lifestyles (via Fox News). But it's hard to grow a restaurant business, especially in the frigid North, if you're only selling smoothies and juices.

That's why, if you've been to one of the 800 Jamba Juice locations in the last decade or so, you know they sell more than just juices and smoothies (via Jamba Juice). According to Fox, in 2008, Jamba Juice added breadth to its menu, and, consequently, more cash in its coffers, by offering some basic, somewhat healthful fast-food options: salads, sandwiches, wraps, and flatbreads.

More recently, to communicate this change and draw more customers, the company updated its brand name in 2019. It was as simple as dropping the "Juice," which, CNN Business notes, has become a "dirty word" in recent years as consumers have realized just how sugary and calorie-laden so-called healthy "juices" are.

New Jamba brand features new look and new tech

Along with the name change, 31-year-old Jamba also updated other parts of its brand, menu, and tech (via Jamba).

According to the company, Jamba's recently revamped menu includes a focus on what customers are asking for. This includes whole food ingredients and the ditching of artificial flavors and sweeteners as well as high fructose corn syrup. They also added more reduced-sugar menu items and expanded plant-based options. According to Jamba, the new menu includes more "bowls, boosts and fun size on-the-go bites."

The new name, "Jamba," also comes with a new logo and tagline. In its statement announcing the brand changes, Jamba says this new logo, along with its updated trademark "whirl" is graphically cleaner and boasts an official new emerald brand color. The vibrant colors are meant to symbolize the array of fruits and vegetables incorporated in the Jamba menu. The new branding elements can be seen in all of Jamba's signage and packaging. The company is also in the process of remodeling its stores with bright spaces that feature natural, light wood tones.

Jamba also updated its tech. According to the company, they revamped Jamba's e-commerce platform to make it easier and faster and built a new website and mobile app with enhanced customization and personalization features. President Geoff Henry said the updates reflect Jamba's commitment to remain relevant. "[We] can't wait to join our guests' wellness journey for decades to come."