Smucker's Newest Ice Cream Topping Tastes Like Cupcakes

No matter what, ice cream has the power to make us smile. According to Healthline, a serving of ice cream makes our brain release a ton of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel pleasure, making it an excellent pick-me-up for when you need a mood boost. If you feel ready to make your ice cream experience even more enjoyable, you have to try the new topping Smucker's just came out with.

According to Spoon University, we can now top any frozen treat with Unicorn Magic Shell, a quick-hardening candy shell that tastes like vanilla cupcakes and features flecks of pink, blue, and purple, making for an extremely fun way to top off any ice cream scoop! The shell works just like the classic chocolate magic shell — just squirt some of the topping over your dessert, and it freezes in seconds (via Delish). The only thing more attractive than the flavor and look of this new product is its price! While we might start seeing this product on grocery store shelves, we can definitely score a 7.25-ounce bottle on Amazon for $2.49, making it the perfect accompaniment to your next sundae party.

The perfect way to top off your ice cream

While most of us haven't had the chance to taste this new magic shell, it hasn't stopped the internet from losing it over how cool the topping looks. Instagrammer @candyhunting posted a picture of the Unicorn Magic Shell (via Instagram), alongside the caption "Smuckers is releasing a Unicorn Magic Shell! This should be out in stores already, according to the press release." Ice cream fans love the new goodie, chiming in with replies like "Wow so yummy," and "This is beautiful!" This topping guarantees to sit well with the rest of Smucker's Magic Shell products, including Fudge, Chocolate, and Caramel Shells, and provides the perfect sweet alternative you never knew you always wanted (via Smucker's).

Next time you want to treat yourself or whip up the perfect sundae for friends and family, keep the new Unicorn Magic Shell on your radar. After one taste, you won't want to eat ice cream any other way, and it guarantees to give you an even more pleasurable dessert experience. Keep your eyes peeled for this product and give it a shot next time a craving strikes!