Wendy's Meanest 2021 National Roast Day Tweets

If you've never heard of National Roast Day before, don't feel left out. According to What National Day Is It, National Roast Day only came about as an internet holiday in 2015, and in 2018, Wendy's declared the made-up holiday to be on February 11th. With such a new holiday, it makes sense that most of us haven't totally caught on yet to the spirit of the National Roast Day — trash-talking and mocking our loved ones without being mean about it (via Urban Dictionary). If this sounds like the perfect holiday for you, just wait until you learn your greatest competition comes in the form of Wendy's Twitter account. 

Wendy's really took the spirit of the internet holiday to heart and went to town on everyone they could find. According to Thrillist, the fast food chain took aim at everyone as they celebrated the holiday yesterday, antagonizing anyone looking to get roasted with the tweet "rOaSt Me WeNdY's ... Fine. Come back on Thursday cause we're roasting everyone on Thursday cause Thursday is #NationalRoastDay" (via Twitter). Wendy's didn't just roast anyone who asked for it, they started a wildfire that took down anyone who dared approach them.

Wendy's delivered a roasting that brands won't forget

If you have a brand or snack you loved, Wendy's knocked them down a peg. Some gems from Wendy's Twitter included their responses to Sun-Maid ("Please stop ruining cookies."), Wheat Thins ("Congrats on being the world's first stale flavored chip."), KFC's Spanish Language Twitter ("¿como se dice 'you could use more herbs and spices on that bland chicken' en español?") and Bagel Bites ("Even Papa John wouldn't eat 40 of you in 30 days."). Wendy's didn't just go after food brands. They roasted Microsoft Edge ("Congrats on being the number one search engine site that comes up when people misspell Google."), The History Channel ("How's it feel knowing all your ratings come from nursing homes that lost the remote?"), and the X Games ("Me: Is this a sport? XGAMES: Does it have wheels?").

If you didn't have much hope for National Roast Day in the past, Wendy's has proven that this holiday shouldn't just stick around, we need to fully embrace the antagonism and fun at the heart of it. Make sure to start getting your roasts ready, because after Wendy's raised the bar this year, you won't want to get caught off guard next time the internet holiday rolls around!