Ina Garten's Date Night Tips Are Perfect For A Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Some of us can barely handle the thought of a date, or even quarantining at your significant other's place for more than a few weeks. Nothing wrong with that, but it might go without saying, then, that being married for over 50 years might be a pretty strong sign of true love. That's how long our fave boomer celebrity chef, Ina Garten, and her husband, Jeffrey, have been married. Their affection for one another is unmistakable on camera, so whether or not you believe in love, let the famous chef give you a few tips for your Valentine's Day date night at home, per The Kitchn.

A date night doesn't even have to be with a romantic partner — friendships can be, and are, just as important, as The Atlantic has explored. But no matter who you're sitting down with for some dedicated "just the two of us" time, you can make it feel special without fussing around with soufflé, ribbons, or over-the-top displays of affection. Garten has some specific advice, but most of it gets at the core of sharing a good experience with someone: don't go overboard, and create a comfortable environment to enjoy (via The Kitchn).

Ina Garten's tips for the ideal dinner date

First of all, the celebrity chef says to "treat dinners together as a gift" (via The Kitchn). That is, appreciate the time you spend together with your special someone any time of year — just putting together a meal and sharing it with someone, with all the shopping and cooking and cleanup, is a gift in itself. She also recommends not going overboard with fancy food. If half your day is spent stressing out over duck confit and a baked Alaska, you might not have the chance to enjoy yourself later. Go for something simple, but high on flavor.

Next most important: decorate the table, but just a little. A few touches like some cloth napkins or fresh flowers can go a long way, according to Garten. Also, make sure one person isn't doing all the work. If your special someone did all the cooking, you can pitch in on the dishes, make some coffee post-dinner, or offer to make dessert. In a last word of wisdom, she said to ditch the screens. Even if on most nights you and yours like to Netflix and eat, TV-dinner style, put the laptop away and opt for some quiet music. Plus, the sound of your excellent conversation over a stress-free meal.