This Is The Actual Jimmy John's Net Worth

Despite the fact that Jimmy John's made their Super Bowl advertising debut only this year, Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder and former chairman of Jimmy John's, has still managed to achieve a billionaire status. According to Celebrity Net Worth, after first opening his sandwich chain in 1983 with just a $25,000 loan from his father, Jimmy John Liautaud is now worth $2 billion. While Forbes lists his worth as $1.7 billion in a profile that seems not to have been updated to reflect the latest selling of Jimmy John's, the difference does not stop him from being a billionaire.

Most of this, as one might imagine, is due to the success of his brand Jimmy John's. Celebrity Net Worth notes that when Jimmy John's was acquired in 2019 by Inspire brands, the owner of Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings, it was bringing in $2 billion in annual revenue. The deal included the 35 percent of stock that the Forbes profile claims Liautaud owned and, as CBS reported at the time, it prompted Liautaud to step down as chairman to serve in an advising capacity. The rest of his wealth probably comes from his investments in vineyards, according to Wealthy Persons. In other words, Jimmy John Liautaud is set for life. 

Jimmy John Liautaud might have gotten out at the right time

The 2021 Super Bowl advertisement in which Brad Garrett takes on the role of the King of Cold Cuts was meant to show Jimmy John's new ambitions. However, the commercial did not appeal, receiving only a grade of "C" from CBS's round-up of all the advertisements shown.

Jimmy John Liautaud has also been the subject of recent controversy when he became associated with hunting big game. While, as USA Today noted, his last hunt occurred over a decade ago, the image of a company founder shooting rhinoceroses and elephants has tarnished the brand somewhat.

With Liautaud now stepped down from the company, however, Jimmy John's can develop in new ways. On February 12, Marketing Dive covered the rest of the rebranding Jimmy John's has engaged in to go along with their debut. They now have new typography, a new logo, and new illustrations, all emphasizing that even though the brand is "freaky fast" in delivery, they do not cut corners when it comes to quality. How these evolutions will develop the brand without the vision of the person who brought the sandwich chain's annual revenue to $2 billion remains to be seen.