The Dairy Product Adam Richman Never Plans To Taste Again

Foodie Adam Richman is known for quite a few things. He's an actor, producer and has hosted a variety of shows, like Man V. Food. The popular series featured Richman taking on difficult eating challenges, like trying to ingest giant meals or extremely spicy foods (via IMDb). In fact, there was one meal he just couldn't bring himself to finish. The host was challenged to eat 10 flaming hot chicken wings at Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, Fla., that were covered in habanero peppers and ghost chili extract. 

During the episode, you can see the spice hits him immediately and causes his eyes to water. "It's more than excruciating, it's the hottest thing I've ever eaten," Richman said during the clip. "Only two wings in and I'm on the verge of passing out." Yikes, we can see why he was only able to eat two before quitting the challenge. However, with that in mind, it's surprising to think that there is a relatively commonplace diary item that Richman said he will never try again. After crazy hot chicken wings, you'd think he could eat anything. Apparently, that's not true.

Why Adam Richman won't be having this diary item again

Richman recently went on the podcast "A Hot Dog is a Sandwich" to debate about what the greatest food invention in history is. Richman said he believed the most ground-breaking innovation to be pasteurization. "It's used in dairy, it's used in beer, it's used in wine and even sauces," he explained. "And when you think about how dairy is a perfect substrate for bad things to occur, for bacteria or for fungus." Yuck. 

The host said while filming an episode of The Food that Built America, he went to a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. The couple who own the business create different raw milks that's later added to the variety of cheeses they make. "Look, raw milk is a flavor that I'm not likely to try again," he said of the experience. "Which doesn't mean it's bad, but also you understand why [pasteurization matters]." Clearly, Richman isn't a fan of scorching hot chicken wings or raw milk and we can't say we blame him. Doesn't sound too appetizing to us either.