People Are Mourning The Closure Of This Classic McDonald's

Whether you like it or not, McDonald's has become part of classic American culture. According to architect, Alan Hess, the oldest McDonald's in America can easily make any fan of architecture start drooling based on its iconic design. The building maintains its original iconic arch structure that most buildings lost over time, has the perfect glass exterior that begs you to come to the front of the restaurant to order a few burgers, and even qualifies for the National Registry of Historic Landmarks. This style of vintage restaurant now faces a threatened existence and just recently, we lost another McDonald's that utilized this design.

According to Twitter, a McDonald's restaurant in Philadelphia that featured the iconic swooping arch architecture that was seen in the original restaurant, closed its doors for good on Feb. 17. People have begun to lament the loss of this classic establishment, responding to this post with replies like, "It's sad seeing all these old restaurants going away. As new restaurants pop up with that new look. Rip." While another wrote, "I went and put flowers in the door tonight. Sad day on South Broad."

The end of an era for a beloved restaurant

Developers had their eyes on the property for quite some time. According to the Philly Voice, the area that the restaurant rests in saw a ton of redevelopment as of late, and the developers who bought the lot most likely can't build anything substantial on the small tract of land. Meaning, they may plan to buy the surrounding lots in order to start building. While we don't know what may come to replace this restaurant and its iconic architecture, we do know that the McDonald's in question didn't always have its old-fashioned look. According to the publication, the building was originally built sometime in the 1960's or early 1970's, but was given its retro look in the 2000's.

If you love the classic culture that comes alongside America's fascinating fast food history, you can rest a bit easier knowing that a handful of older McDonald's restaurants still continue to populate America. For those of us in Philly that loved dropping in for a quick burger, though, this establishment will be sorely missed.