What You Didn't Know About Walmart Bakery's Apple Pie

It might not be your first go-to grocery store, but when it comes to the bakery, Walmart is hard to beat. The discount store is after all known for its low prices, and that certainly includes freshly baked goods. From their incredible French bread to birthday cakes, Walmart shoppers just can't get enough. Now, you can add apple pie to the list of bakery must-haves, too. As it turns out, there's a lot of great things to appreciate about Walmart's apple pies.

First of all, these pies get rave reviews. One Reddit thread that reviewed Walmart's apple pies included the original poster saying that they were "surprised by the quality." Another person wrote, "Walmart pies are surprisingly good!" The only common complaint on the thread was that the poster and commenters felt the apple pie was undercooked, because the apples were more crisp than they'd like. Even though the pie only has three-and-a-half stars on the Walmart website, there's yet another reason this pie is set apart from most bakeries' apple pies.

The pie is packed with fruit

Weighing in at 39 ounces, Walmart apple pies are made to feed a crowd. Plus, each pie is only $5.94, according to the Walmart website, which is quite a steal on a pie that large. But best of all is likely the sheer amount of fruit they pack into their apple pie.

According to the Walmart company website, their apple pies contain 70 percent fruit. They even claim that their competitors only use 30 percent fruit in their apple pies, meaning you get a lot more bang for your apple buck with Walmart's apple pies. The company describes their own apple pies as "two-and-a-half pounds of pure awesomeness." But they don't stop there. Walmart explains that the apple farm that produces the apples they use in their apple pies keeps 130,000 trees every single year just so the company can bake up these pies.

Though Walmart's apple pie is not award-winning — unlike their pumpkin pie, which placed first with the American Pie Council's National Pie Championships, as Walmart points out — it's still a solid bakery buy when you're in the budget-friendly store. So, the next time you are at the store, pick one up to try.