The Whiskey Cocktail Inspired By Skyline Chili

Cincinnati and Skyline Chili are forever linked. For some people, that infamous chili sometimes served over spaghetti, as hot dog topping, or served with copious amounts of shredded cheddar cheese is the holy grail of trademark Cincinnatian food. While creative food and beverage pairings can be exciting — and there have been a few that have featured Skyline Chili — there is a whiskey cocktail out there that's borrowing flavors from that infamous chili, and understandably could make people do a double take.

In 2018, a bar an restaurant called Metropole, located in Downtown Cincinnati, created a Manhattan Skyline. The riff on a classic Manhattan, this food mash-up cocktail infused the libation with some Skyline Chili flavors. From chili powder to cinnamon and cayenne to dark chocolate, the cocktail borrowed similar flavor notes from the chili to shake up a savory style cocktail that had many people curious, according to Cincinnati Enquirer. Although the cocktail is no longer on Metropole's menu, the Skyline Chili food mashup idea hasn't been forgotten. To make up for missed cocktail opportunities, other recipes have been given a Skyline Chili makeover in the meantime.

What are some other Skyline Chili food mashup recipes?

Although there is not a whiskey-inspired cocktail on the Skyline Chili company website, the brand does share some other food mashup recipes. While the Skyline Chili dip seems straightforward and even the Skyline Chili on top of tater tots makes sense, two recipes push the creative food choices.

The Skyline Chili Lasagna is a different twist on the Italian dish. Replacing the ground beef and tomato sauce for Skyline Chili, the traditional chili flavors take over the lasagna recipe (via Skyline Chili). For people who do not like spaghetti but want a pasta dish, this recipe option makes sense. Pizza lovers might want to try the Skyline Chili Pizza. By simply topping pizza dough with the chili and cheese, this pizza recipe could be a fun swap for pizza night (via Skyline Chili).

From the whiskey inspired by Skyline Chili to other food mash-up recipes, the iconic Cincinnati food continues to excite people. Even though there are myths about there being chocolate in the recipe, hopefully a Skyline Chili-inspired dessert stays off the menu.