The Truth About Madiha Chughtai From Spring Baking Championship, Season 7

Spring Baking Championship is back for its seventh season and has a terrific line-up of talented bakers. According to LRM Online, competitors will be engaged in a tough fight as they attempt to impress judges like Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, and first-timer Kardea Brown. Every episode features two rounds of spring baking contests, with the winner of the first getting an edge over everyone else in the second round. Of course, participants also need to be ready to deal with unexpected obstacles and unusual ingredients that pop in as curveballs during the course of the show.

One of the 11 bakers hoping for the $25,000 prize, feature in Food Network Magazine, and the ultimate title of Spring Baking Champion is Madiha Chughtai, a home baker who resides in Richmond, Texas with her family (via the Food Network). Chughtai, by the way, is quite an impressive woman and is already established in the baking world. This is what you need to know about Chughtai and her culinary journey so far.

Madiha Chughtai owns a small bakery service

Spring Baking Championship hopeful Madiha Chughtai is the owner of a bakery service called M's Cakes & Bakes in the Richmond and greater Houston area. As per its Facebook page, the initiative first began in 2016 and focuses on cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Chughtai also has halal and kosher products on offer for those who have specific dietary needs. As reported by My San Antonio, Chughtai was raised in Pakistan but has lived in the United States for two decades.

For Chughtai, baking is a fairly recent passion. When her young daughter started to watch baking competitions around the clock, Chughtai couldn't help but explore desserts herself. She is entirely self-taught, by the way. "Just the thought that I was there competing against the Moguls of the culinary world and serving my favorite celebrity chefs still gives me cold feet," Chughtai admitted to My San Antonio. For Chughtai, going head-to-head with more seasoned bakers on Spring Baking Championship really helped her in terms of confidence. Chughtai is also much more comfortable now with experimenting and innovating as far as her desserts are concerned.