Everything You Need To Know About Intelligentsia's New Vegan Lattes

Aesthetically-pleasing coffee has been a thing for years, and honestly, Instagramming your sugar-spiked Frappuccino may just be about second nature by now (we aren't judging). As social media continues to hit the younger crowd with a wave of influence — whether it's through Tik Tok coffee hacks or viral Twitter threads about the best Starbucks orders — actually decent-tasting coffee has started to make a comeback.

Nearly 67 percent of American adults report drinking at least one cup of joe per day. Just five years ago, that number sat at 62 percent (via Research and Markets). Coffee has become more than just cool; it's become a necessity, and quality roaster Intelligentsia is quickly cashing in on the trend.

Intelligentsia, a Chicago-based premium coffee roaster with urban locations across the U.S., announced a new venture today: A line of ready-to-drink vegan coffees, perfectly (and prettily) packaged to get your next caffeine fix without even hitting the drive-thru (via AP News).

Intelligentsia's on-the-go cartons are geared towards all coffee drinkers

Intelligentsia's new single-serve coffees are launching in three different variations: Cold Coffee, Oat Latte, and an Oat Spiced Latte. According to its site, each boasts a bold flavor profile that's comparable to the tasty caffeine fix you can get in one of their city coffee shops.

If you like your coffee black, you'll want to spring for the Cold Coffee. It's flash chilled, just like their in-house brew, giving its sweetness a depth worthy of the Ethiopian and Peruvian beans it was roasted from. Intelligentsia describes the notes in this one as "caramel, lime, and cherry," so if you're into a fruity pick-me-up, this one's for you.

And if you are one of those folks who has tried black coffee and absolutely despises it, one of the Oat Lattes may just be your next Monday morning fix. Both are made with Oatly oat milk, which is a partnership that's already proven successful for the brand in-house. According to Food & Wine, 13 percent of Intelligentsia's fresh-brewed coffees are finished with a splash of the brand's non-dairy milk.

The original Oat Latte boasts hints of sugar cookies and molasses, while the Spiced Oat Latte features cinnamon and ginger balanced with the sweet taste of orange and vanilla. Intelligentsia recommends the Spiced version for fans of their seasonal Avena latte, a popular festive drink in their coffee houses.

Quality ingredients are the foundation of Intelligentsia's new launch

With a market as hot as ready-to-made coffee beverages, Intelligentsia has more than done their research. The entire line-up is vegan, which is another selling point for shoppers interested in healthy eating and drinking. Most consumers are opting for coffee over soda for their energy fix, and with that change comes a greater interest in better-for-you ingredients, like non-dairy milk (via Research and Markets).

According to Intelligentsia CEO James McLaughlin, the new venture will allow them to reach customers that may not make it to one of their cafes, while still retaining that same premium quality. He tells Sprudge, "The ready-to-drink format allows us to control the brewing process and taste, and allows us to guarantee that when someone picks up a carton of our cold coffee, oat latte, or spiced oat latte, it tastes like one that's made in our coffeebars."

When compared to the average latte from Starbucks, the nutritional content of a ready-to-drink Intelligentsia latte just about breaks even. One 10.9 oz carton of the Spiced Oat Latte is 220 calories, while a tall Iced Chai Latte at Starbucks is 228 calories (via Nutracheck). When it comes to convenience, though, a single-serve carton of Intelligentsia just can't be beat.

You can stock up on Intelligentsia's new coffee now, but it's not cheap

As of right now, shoppers can only pick up a carton of Cold Coffee or an Oat Latte at Intelligentsia's cafe locations. If Intelligentsia's new line was on the shelves, we're certain it would fly off them. And while you can't run to your local supermarket and snag a case, you don't necessarily have to be local to a coffeehouse — you can also place an order with the roaster online.

There's just one thing to be wary of: Intelligentsia's premium ingredients certainly match its pricing. A 12-pack costs $48, bringing the total cost of each latte to $4. If you try out a latte and love it, you can subscribe and save on shipping. But with a serious coffee habit, you may be better off making your own cold brew at home using some of Intelligentsia's roasted beans and a splash of your own oat milk.