The Truth About Dayron Santamaria From Spring Baking Championship, Season 7

As you root for your favorite contestants on the new season of Spring Baking Championship, you'll realize that you're spoilt for choice with the sheer amount of talent on display. The fierce baking face-off from Food Network has 11 participants preparing delicious desserts for spring and trying their best to impress the judges. The final battle will come down to the three most promising contestants who managed to last until the end and prove their mettle.

One of the contestants fighting for the top spot is Dayron Santamaria, a baker from Washington, D.C. The talented chef comes equipped with plenty of experience and a unique background: he seeks inspiration from his Cuban roots and also relies on his French training to come up with tropical delights (via Food Network). Wondering what the chef's journey has been like before he became a part of the show? Keep on reading for all the details!

Dayron Santamaria is a skillled pastry chef

Dayron Santamaria has been a versatile player in the culinary space. According to his LinkedIn profile, he pursued baking and pastry arts at Stratford University before working as a pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton. He eventually worked his way up and now sits as the executive pastry chef at Annaré Italian Pasticceria. He's a self-proclaimed perfectionist who doesn't like to leave any stone unturned while focusing on his craft. "Passion, dedication and perfection, are some words that best describe myself, not only as a person but also, as a professional," reads his LinkedIn bio.

He's also fairly active on Instagram where he regularly posts updates about his latest creations. One of his posts, for example, is a picture of a bright red cake that pays tribute to a classic item: Converse All-Star sneakers. Understandably, His fans simply cannot get enough of his work and are super enthusiastic about his updates.