This Is How You Should Be Chopping Your Eggs For Egg Salad

It is time to clean out the kitchen gadget drawer because a simple hack for chopping eggs for egg salad is right in front of your eyes. While many home cooks may use egg slicers to break up those hard-boiled eggs, an even simpler solution can make quick work of that egg prep. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, recommends using a cooling rack to quickly crumble a hard-boiled egg. While this method is efficient, cleaning that wire rack may not be appealing. According to Southern Living, recipe developer Sheri Castle recommends simply tearing, breaking, and crumbling the eggs with your hands. While the resulting egg pieces might have a more rustic appearance, the method is easy. In some ways, this idea shows that kitchen gadgets might not always be the simplest solution in the kitchen.

But, if you have an egg slicer sitting in the kitchen gadget drawer, don't fret. It can be used in other ways, too. The Foods Guy suggests some egg slicers can be used to cut a variety of foods, like strawberries, mushrooms, and even avocados. Although an egg slicer might not be labeled the most versatile kitchen tool, it can do more than just slice eggs. But, the reality is the simple solution to prepping eggs for egg salad is to use your hands. Just make sure that your hard-boiled eggs have cooled enough first.

This trick makes egg salads even easier

While the exact origins of egg salad are unknown, egg salad recipes have been around for over a century (via iFoodTV). Your grandma might have her secret recipe. The Pioneer Woman has her favorite recipe and even a recipe that uses avocado (via The Pioneer Woman). Given that eggs are cost-effective, have good nutritional value, and are easily available, it makes egg salad a popular choice, even beyond the Easter holiday season (via Incredible Egg). 

Thinking about egg salad, there could be endless variations on the recipe. From mayonnaise versus no mayonnaise to herbs or spices, the combinations and ingredient lists are numerous. Whether you have found the best egg salad recipe or are still searching for the perfect flavor, one fact is clear. It is time to ditch the kitchen gadgets for chopping your eggs. As Sheri Castle pointed out to Southern Living, over-chopping your eggs can lead to a gluey or pasty egg salad, so why not peel and chop with the same tool? Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty.