Martha Stewart's Biggest Rule For Running A Successful Business

Martha Stewart is more than just an instantly recognizable celebrity who might be considered the queen of good living. From her television shows to her publishing deals, the "original influencer" has earned her wealth and notoriety (via Investopedia). While the Martha Stewart brand might inspire others to believe "life is better when you share the good things," that statement can apply beyond the immaculately decorated home or the perfectly plated dinner. While Stewart might be the lifestyle maven, her biggest rule for running a successful business isn't limited to just the home space. In some ways, her philosophy has wide-reaching implications beyond the boardroom. 

In a recent Harper's Bazaar interview, Stewart stated that, when it comes to running a business, she believes people should "never think you're better than anyone else." Whether that concept creates "harmony" in close working quarters or an even playing field is not the purpose of the statement. Instead, Stewart's willingness to pitch in on all jobs serves as an example to her staff. "There's no hierarchy in my life. I will wash the floor if I have to wash the floor. I'll take out the garbage if nobody else has taken out the garbage," Stewart explained. If she is ready to take on any task, so should they. In some ways, that sense of equality can give everyone a feeling of ownership in a successful business. 

If Martha Stewart is calling, you better answer

Although Stanford University News reports that many people are having Zoom fatigue, Martha Stewart might not be ready to turn off and unplug anytime soon. As she revealed to Harper's Bazaar, she said, "You should be able to call anybody anytime, even on weekends." While she makes herself available to her staff, she wants her staff available as well. As she shared in an anecdote, when Stewart calls, it is best to drain the bathtub and take that meeting.

Since Martha Stewart believes that business is "exciting," it appears that this enthusiasm is another aspect to her business success. As seen on her constantly busy Instagram account, there is no shortage of content. From engaging her fans or looking for the next business venture, Stewart could probably make reading the instructions to building a chicken coop inspiring because her affable persona draws people into her world. Although only a few people might have an expansive New York farm estate, a successful empire, and a life well-lived, Martha Stewart's advice on a successful business could be the most important good idea that she has shared with her fans in a long time.