Follow These Martha Stewart Tips For Ultra Light Chocolate Cake

They don't call Martha Stewart a domestic goddess for nothing. America's first self-made female billionaire has learned a thing or two in her almost 80 trips around the sun, and when she says that "a light chocolate cake is not a contradiction in terms," you better believe her (via Martha Stewart). As if there were any doubt about Stewart's versatility as a lifestyle queen, the recipe is posted on her Instagram; nestled right between a one-skillet roast chicken, and a photo of her and Snoop Dogg promoting a new line of CBD gummies for dogs from the house of Stewart. 

The best part about Martha Stewart's Chocolate Sprinkle Sheet Cake is that it transforms a rich, indulgent chocolate treat into a harmless, fluffy, "anytime snack" with just a couple of tweaks. You likely have most of the ingredients on hand already: flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, and butter. Beat your eggs and sugar together, and mix your dry ingredients separately, to be added in later. So far, pretty straightforward.

Surprising additions add depth and moisture to Martha Stewart's chocolate cake

Here's where Martha Stewart's genius comes in: rather than just all-purpose flour, as most recipes might call for, Stewart's subs in a half cup of Dutch cocoa powder, to make your chocolate cake more chocolate-forward. Your finished product will still be airy and springy, but with an added depth of chocolate goodness.

The final secret? No, not CBD. (Although, if you're a nervous chef, it might not hurt to have a couple of Stewart's gummies while you cook.) The last ingredient, though not as unusual as, say, sauerkraut, might surprise you: Stewart recommends adding a cup of room temperature sour cream to the mix. Sour cream adds moisture to your cake (without thinning out the batter) and will give that "anytime snack" a creamy, indulgent feel. Top your cake with Stewart's buttercream frosting — and sprinkles, of course — and then call her bluff by eating it anytime you want. Martha says it's okay.