Tim Horton's Secret Menu Options You Didn't Know About

Fans of Tim Hortons are probably already familiar with some of the secret menu items, but perhaps not all. Unlike most coffee house secret menus, Tim Hortons goes well beyond hot and cold drinks. It includes the food menu as well, and is only as limited as your imagination. While there isn't an official secret menu and you'll have to tell your waiter exactly what you want, the options are seemingly endless.

If you're not familiar with some of the drink hacks you can order, then you should start with the fact that you can add any flavored syrup to the ice caps to shake things up like raspberry or hazelnut (via Style Democracy). You can also ask for chocolate milk to be added (via Narcity). You can flavor your hot chocolate by adding different tea bags to the order, such as peppermint or chai.

Another popular secret menu drink stems from a Canadian candy bar. It's a coffee crisp drink, which is hot chocolate with a shot or two of espresso added. Really, you can mix and match drinks however you see fit when it comes to the vast Tim Hortons menu.

Try these food options, too

The more unusual secret menu at the coffee chain centers around food options. For example, Secret Menus suggests adding a hash brown to your favorite breakfast sandwich. But that isn't the only potato swap available. Another option for your breakfast sandwich: potato wedges in the Farmer's Wrap to make it a more lunch- or dinner-appropriate meal.

Those looking for sweet and savory all wrapped up in one sandwich can try swapping a donut for a bagel. Don't worry, though. The employees will slice the donut in half and put the sandwich filling in the middle so you can actually get your mouth around it, according to Secret Menus. Narcity recommends trying a savory sandwich on the French toast bagel for a similar effect.

Another good to know sandwich hack is that you can get a veggie patty on any Tim Hortons sandwich. So, if you're vegetarian, you can make most of their menu veggie-friendly. Vegans, on the other hand, can ask for a veggie bagel or sandwich by getting all of the toppings like lettuce, tomato, and more piled inside, according to Style Democracy. Just skip the cream cheese to make it totally vegan.

Explore the menu and try shaking your order up. You just might find something amazingly delicious that you'll want to keep in the back of your mind when you go to order in the future.