36% Of People Prefer To Get Their Coffee From This Chain

For many, when it comes to the first cup of coffee in the morning, it has to be good and it has to be right to get the day off to the best start. No one wants a roast they dislike or the wrong order. But that's likely why so many people have their go-to coffee spots that they visit every day. Though the coffee chain with the largest percentage of the vote is quite popular, you might be surprised by the many other options people prefer when it comes to their favorite coffee house.

In a poll conducted by Mashed, 25,000 people worldwide were asked to cast a vote for their favorite place (or way) to get their coffee. The poll included four options: Dunkin', a gas station, Starbucks, or "other," which allowed respondents to write in their preference. Of the 25,000, 15 percent, or 3,750 people, chose "gas station," putting it in last place among the four options. Dunkin' actually came in third, with 18 percent or 4,500 votes, which might be surprising to some.

This chain got the most votes from coffee drinkers

The coffee chain that received 36 percent of the tally, or 9,000 votes, probably won't come as a shock. It was Starbucks. However, the runner up was the "other" category, which might be very surprising. As it turns out, there were several additional options that prevailed among the comments of the poll.

The "other" category received 30 percent of the votes from 7,500 people. Many of them said that they brew their own coffee at home. For some, making coffee at home was because it was a cheaper option, while others explained it was a new habit due to the pandemic. Another popular write-in was local coffee shops which patrons felt they needed to support. As far as other chains that people wrote in, Tim Hortons, Caribou Coffee, Dutch Bros, and McDonald's were among the most frequent additions.

So there you have it: a lot of options for coffee drinkers, and everyone has their favorite. No matter where you get your coffee though — whether at home, the local shop, or major chain — it should be the best way you can kick-start your day.