The Truth About Jeremy Davis From Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge

If you're a fan of Easter-inspired treats, you'll probably find it very hard to stay away from the Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge. The show is set to launch on the 1st of March and has already managed to generate excitement among baking enthusiasts. As per the Food Network, the show will include seven bakers who'll take on each other as they come up with delicious treats for Easter. The show is hosted by food celebrity Sunny Anderson and promises to reward its winner well: with a golden egg and $25,000. Whew!

One of the participants on the show is a baker and dad from Charlotte, Michigan named Jeremy Davis. According to the contestant's Instagram account, Davis has been baking professionally for a few years now and is most drawn to wedding cakes. He writes, "My favorite thing to make are wedding cakes because they represent love, commitment and a bright future. I am a father to three amazing littles ones and will be celebrating my 20 year anniversary this year." But cakes might not be the sweetest thing about his story.

His career began with an act of love

Jeremy Davis has a business of his own, a baking company called Designed by Daddy Custom Cakery. As his company's website explains, Davis was intrigued by baking as a child but didn't seriously consider it for many years. He simply didn't have any male baking icons to look up to. He writes, "I started baking with my mom when I was kid, but baking wasn't something that men did – or so I was told. Back then there wasn't a Food Network showcasing all the great male bakers."

Things changed when one of his daughters requested him to make a cake for her birthday. And David did exactly that, surprising himself and others around him with his talent. In just a week, he got his first order. According to Forrager, Davis didn't have a tough time spreading the word about his business. His challenge was learning how to get comfortable with decorating cakes and living up to expectations. The chef is now set to compete on the Easter Basket Challenge. He's a formidable contestant and has already won the Girl Scout Cookie Championship on the Food Network in the past (via Lansing State Journal). And make no mistake: he's a hot favorite and keeps his fans entertained with pictures of his delicious cakes every week. Impressive!