Insanely Delicious Cheesecake Recipes You Need To Try At Least Once

One glance at the display case prominently featured at The Cheesecake Factory with its massive menu and you'll see why the restaurant's namesake dessert is insanely popular and incredibly versatile. There's the New York Cheesecake drizzled with a strawberry glaze or adorned with fresh fruit, for one (via The Cheesecake Factory). The Chocolate Caramelicious Cheesecake with Snickers sits atop a brownie crust and will help you get your chocolate fix for the day or maybe for the week. There's the Pineapple Upside-Down Cheesecake, Caramel Apple Cheesecake, and the Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake, too, to name a few. 

If your mouth isn't watering just yet, it will be. We've pulled together a few of Mashed's original cheesecake recipes that you can whip up in your own kitchen in no time at all. There's no need to leave the house with these fantastic recipes right at your fingertips. The pumpkin cheesecake recipe is perfect for fall and Thanksgiving, while the tantalizing no-bake Oreo cheesecake tastes terrific year-round. Meanwhile, the no-bake cheesecake has enough sweetness to stand on its own, but pairs perfectly with any topping like chocolate chips and chocolate sauce, or fresh fruit. The no-bake cranberry orange cheesecake is fancy enough for any occasion or simply for sitting at home with a fork and a friend. Finally, the 5-ingredient cheesecake is easy enough to whip up at a moment's notice when any company pops by unannounced. You'll have to try each one of these insanely delicious cheesecake recipes at least once!

5-ingredient cheesecake

If you've ever been caught off guard when company pops by and your refrigerator is empty, this recipe for 5-ingredient cheesecake will be perfect for you in just such a harried situation. As long as you keep these ingredients on hand or can zip to the store real quick, you'll have a delicious dessert ready to serve in no time at all. Don't be intimidated by the thought of making your own cheesecake either. It's actually quite simple! You'll need graham crackers, unsalted butter, two 8-ounce bricks of cream cheese, two eggs, and brown sugar. Of course, if you don't want to make your own crust, you can simply purchase a prepared graham cracker crust at the store.

According to, the first "cheese cake" is suspected to have been created on the Greek island of Samos, but theirs surely didn't taste as fantastic as this one. Feel free to top this cheesecake however you see fit, whether it's with fresh fruit, a strawberry glaze, or chocolate syrup drizzled all across the top. With just 20 minutes of prep time and 40 minutes of cooking, this amazing dessert will be sliced and ready to serve in seemingly no time at all.

No-bake cranberry orange cheesecake

Not only is this seasonal dessert delicious, but the no-bake cranberry orange cheesecake also makes for a beautiful centerpiece with its whole sugared cranberries and orange peel spiral as adornments on top. Some people may pucker up when they think about a cranberry-infused dessert, but there's no need with this cheesecake recipe. When paired with citrus flavors, sugar, and cream cheese nestled inside a crust made with crushed Nilla wafers, you won't be able to stop after just one slice.

Plus, as a no-bake cheesecake, it won't take long before you're able to dig in. You'll just need cream cheese, whipped cream, sugar, fresh cranberries, the zest of one large orange, and the juice of one large orange. You can also make your own whipped topping or simply buy a tub at the store to save time and energy, especially during the busy holidays. 

The only slight downfall here is that it takes two hours to set and chill this cheesecake in the fridge, which leaves you craving just one slice that entire time. But you can use that downtime to clean up the kitchen, throw in a load of laundry, and dream of each amazing forkful you're about to enjoy from this incredible no-bake cranberry orange cheesecake recipe.

Easy no-bake cheesecake

This classic cheesecake only takes a handful of ingredients and basically is a blank canvas for you to get creative with toppings, fillings, and even crusts. You'll need just graham crackers and butter to make the standard crust, or you can buy a premade one if you'd prefer a little timesaving measure instead. For the filling, you'll use a beautiful blend of cream cheese and whipping cream for the base. Toss in some brown and white sugar, the juice and zest of one lemon, and a bit of vanilla extract, and — voila! — you have a beautiful easy no-bake cheesecake ready in no time at all. 

This recipe requires the cheesecake to be chilled overnight, so be sure to plan ahead if you're craving cheesecake for an after-dinner dessert or in case guests are coming over to enjoy a glass of wine and your company. 

The beautiful thing about this easy no-bake cheesecake is that you can finish it however you choose, depending on your cravings at the moment or the demands of your hungry diners. Cherry pie filling would taste amazing drizzled across the beautiful creamy white cheesecake or toss in some chocolate chips after making the filling, then swirl chocolate sauce all around the top when ready to serve. The sky's the limit with this delicious recipe.

No-bake Oreo cheesecake

Oreos are delicious. Cheesecake is delicious. So what does combining the two mean? Pure bliss on a plate. With chocolate crunchy cookies and their creamy white filling, Oreos are perfect in cheesecake. Consider that, while Oreos taste amazing dunked in milk, they're even better blended into a tangy, creamy cheesecake. This recipe calls for an Oreo cookie crust, pieces of Oreo blended into the filling, and yet more Oreos for the topping. This incredible five-ingredient recipe for a no-bake Oreo cheesecake will soon become your favorite go-to cheesecake recipe. 

You will want to buy a full package of Oreos to use here, so don't sneak any before you actually use them for the recipe. Grab some butter, two bricks of cream cheese, sugar, and whipped cream, while you're at it. This recipe is pretty flexible overall, so if you don't want to make or buy an Oreo pie crust, you can swap it out for a graham cracker crust or one made with crushed up Nilla wafers. Don't forget to smother the edges of this cheesecake with whipped cream and more Oreo pieces for the finishing touch.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Not only does this recipe yield a visually stunning pumpkin cheesecake, but the final product is mouthwatering, too. The dollops of whipped cream around the perimeter of the cheesecake topped with pieces of pecans prompt you to grab a fork and dive right in. It's the perfect alternative to pumpkin pie for the holidays or simply for indulging your sweet tooth on a crisp, cool fall afternoon. The pumpkin spice classics of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves are infused into a graham cracker crust that is a fantastic alternative to the traditional cheesecake crust, while the smooth, sweet and slightly tart pumpkin filling will quickly win you over. 

The cream cheese blends beautifully with the pumpkin puree and the combo only needs a bit of sugar, eggs, vanilla bean paste, heavy cream, and Grand Marnier. One thing to note about this recipe is that your springform pans won't head straight to the oven. Instead, they will need to cook in a water bath before baking. After it sets and chills, this pumpkin cheesecake will finally be ready for you to decorate and devour.