What Chopped Winner Caitlyn Napolitano Is Up To Now

One of the most interesting cooking shows on television, Chopped, has managed to appeal to a large number of viewers for its sheer entertainment value. According to Thrillist, the show's popularity can definitely not be underestimated and its team is almost always working, shooting several seasons at one time or planning for the next bunch of episodes. Suffice to say, the show has managed to retain its momentum since it first began shooting in 2007 (via IMDb).

Of course, the Food Network show has had many successful contestants who've gone on to have bright, inspiring careers in the culinary industry, dazzling their fans with delectable dishes. One of the most promising winners from the show was chef Caitlyn Napolitano who won the "Food Truck Luck" challenge in season 35 (via Pop Sugar). Since the end of the show, Napolitano hasn't slowed down in the least and has continued to achieve several milestones in her careerHere's what you need to know about this chef.

Caitlyn Napolitano has kept very busy since her time on Chopped

Napolitano has been constantly setting goals for herself and reaching out to her fans through her love of food. According to Pop Sugar, the chef has been hard at work with her partner, launching her very own food truck that offers a myriad of flavors that are based on Cuban, Mexican, and Dominican dishes. In an emotional Instagram post in 2018, the chef reflected on her food truck business, Los Viajeros, finishing three years, expressing gratitude for everything that happened along the way and for her partner's support. 

She wrote, "It's no secret that the food truck is a ton of work, but the reward of feeding all of you amazing people the last 3 years has been such a gift! We love you all and it's been a privilege to cook for you!" Napolitano, it must be said, is a positive force who believes in pushing her limits. She is always encouraging her fans to take a leap of faith and do things they've always wanted to do.