What Chopped Winner Florian Wehrli Is Up To Now

One of the most interesting shows on television, Chopped, has managed to remain popular after all these years. The Food Network show ensures that it provides plenty of entertainment to its fans in the form of drama, plenty of energetic challenges, and an array of wild basket ingredients. One of the most fascinating aspects of Chopped is the fact that its producers work extra hard to figure out who'd be the right fit for the competition show, digging up interesting stories and carrying out a lengthy selection process that includes filling out application forms and completing video interviews. 

One contestant who managed to dazzle audiences was chef Florian Wehrli, who appeared on the show's 29th season and won the episode, "Naan the Wiser." Post his appearance on Chopped, he worked as a chef at The Iroquois New York Hotel in Manhattan and also at Laurent Tourondel Hospitality. By the way, the chef still has plenty of things on his plate (via Pop Sugar). Here's what he's doing these days.

Wehrli is involved in several projects

So, what is Wehrli up to these days? According to his Instagram profile, he's currently employed at Perona Farms where he's working as an executive chef and a beverage director. According to the brand's website, Perona Farms is a family-owned enterprise that's been around since 1917. It offers several services to its customers, including special offers for memorable experiences such as weddings. 

As per Wehrli's LinkedIn profile, the chef remains committed to using local ingredients and ensuring that quality is never compromised. He writes that he's diverse in terms of experiences and has managed a variety of establishments, including small eateries, hotels, fine dining establishments, and more. Wehrli is also involved in a non-profit initiative called A Meal for Amiel, which he started after losing his son tragically in 2013. The project attempts to raise funds each year via a benefit dinner organized by Wehrli (via the Daily Record). "We love to remember Amiel for the great kid he was, and he used to cook all the time," he revealed. "He loved food, and that's what I do, so I can celebrate his life that way."